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There’s a shock. Everything about it looked awful, and reeked of desperation. But somebody in channel 9 is actually making these decisions, and thinking, “this will be ratings gold!” That’s the part that baffles me.


I flipped over during a break in MKR to have a look, and didn’t stay long. Shocking decision to put that on prime time on a Sunday; Don’t think it will last long.


I couldn’t get past the promos. There is nothing attractive about this show, least of all the host. I will go a long way to avoid seeing Daryl ever again.
What were they thinking? Seriously. Someone needs to be fired.


I have to say that the young teens in this house were ROFL watching it (in a room a long way from me!). I commented that Channel 9 should have found new talent and not revived DS, and one kid said “who’s Daryl Somers?”.

brain dead dave

Maybe hypnotise the programming boffins at Ch 9 cos’ this Daryl Somers guy smells as bad as a rat that died in a shoe…and then tried to make a comeback.

I didn’t watch but saw a nauseating interview with Karl Stefanovic crawling up DS’s arse about the alleged awesomeness of this show. A couple of promos is all it takes to say “Hey, hey this is absolute garbage”

I doubt the authenticity of host and show. 110%


I saw about ten minutes and that was enough. I thought it was crap and full of over acting. Channel 9 is dead!


I had it on while i was making dinner. There were funny parts, but the participants seemed almost too polished in their ‘performance’, it screamed fake to me.


“Ordinary Australians” my arse.

I think those ordinary Australians that 9 claimed were going to be hypnotised on the show needed a hyphen: Ordinary Australian- actors.

Plus, when I think of Daryl Somers I think of the sly comment whatsherface Jo said about him in Get me out of here. That thing about him not allowing her to grow on the show and that the producers allowed him to be such a diva.

Can’t stand it when celebs are coddled in this way.


The promos looked so terrible they had no chance of my watching. Not that I ever watch those crap hypnotism shows.

Remember a few years back when some hypnotist allegedly hypnotised the inmates on Big Brother? Some of them were still eating and weren’t sure what to do so looked, puzzled at the hypnotist.That bit was funny, as he smoothly said, those of you with food in your mouths will just swallow – or whatever. So ridiculous, and so obvious they were not hypnotized.They clearly hadn’t been given sufficient off camera instruction on how to behave. Oh I forgot, in those days, EVERYTHING was on camera. 😆


Thankfully I forgot all about it and didn’t have to look at smiling, aging Daryl.
All I can say is that I think channel 9 owed Dazza a very, very big favour, why else would they dig themselves a grave like this?


But will this so called “hit” be repeated? Curiosity only goes so far. I could be wrong of course, people have been known to have very peculiar tastes at times.


It beat MKR in Sydney. Not sure I would call over 1 million viewers a flop? Saying that – the vast majority of people said they wouldn’t tune in next week. I’ve watched the UK version, one or two shows is plenty for me.


Well I’m alone here, I loved it & thought it was hilarious. I was in stitches throughout the whole show. It’s not fake, they’re trying to win money. They’re not going to deliberately do badly.


A bunch of silly people pretending to be hypnotized for money. Really embarrassing to watch. Nine minutes and I had to switch.


The promo was a turn off for me. Darryl Summers and people pretending to be hypnotized chickens. No thanks. I didn’t really take any notice of the promo because I knew as soon as I saw DS and people pretending to be hypnotized that it was a non event for me. Yawn.

No Derren Brown here I am guessing.