Weekend chat – April 1

Happy Friday, TTVers! What are you watching? I’m fast forwarding through Sunday’s Reno Rumble room reveal (mainly so I can hear Colin and Justin). Once the boy conks out Mr Juz and I will watch the latest Grey’s Anatomy (yes, we’ve watched it so long now we’re waiting to see if Shonda ever ends). And tomorrow I hope to see the latest Walking Dead. Any zombie fans?

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Hey Juz, I’m a Walking Dead fan!
We’ve watched the first 5 seasons in a row and we’re picking up Season 6 from my mate tomorrow. We’re off to watch the Showdown at a mate’s place but I’m collecting my recorder that my mate has filled with downloaded goodies like Orphan Black, US Bach and Bachette, Bates Motel, Walking Dead, and lots of movies.
On Sunday we’re heading to Mt Lofty Gardens for a picnic with the folks and the inlaws.


I visited My Lofty Gardens on my recent visit to Adelaide. What a lovely garden and you do get some exercise walking around the garden.

brain dead dave

I go bushwalking around there a bit in winter. Iggy’s avatar photo comes from one trip. The leaves just started turning brown earlier this week, I understand. Lovely area.


It was a beaut day for a picnic. Hope you weren’t there too early, though. How good is it to finally have a crisp autumn morning in SA!


There was a marathon of season1 Orphan Black on sbs. They may be preparing for season 3 to air.
I unwou d to ight with a marathon of Fantasy Homes by the Sea (Greece) and Escape to the Continent (France). I got my journal out for the latter because we were in some of those villages last year.

Calorie Girl likes TWD.

Calorie Loader

Hey Daisy,
Thank you for the reminder about OB. I too saw the mass screening of last season and meant to mention it to you as it does usually signal a new season. It stands out in the guide. Only problem is the following weeks when the new stuff is on it blends back into oblivion with the other listed programs (esp. with squished print for the secondary channels).

Another season of TWD!!! Amazing. Thanks for the tip off Juz. I don’t watch that much sbs so miss all the lead up promotion. I’m also a Grey’s watcher.. I know what you mean, once you’ve committed for over 10 seasons you kinda feel like you have to see it through right? I thought the latest screenings were repeats though.


I know. The tv guide is a pain now. It’s easy to miss something unless you make sure you take a long time to read everything. Plus what’s with the doubling up? I have Go, ABC and a couple of other channels listed twice on my tv guide.


We get Grey’s through other (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) means because Aus TV is so behind. I do find Meredith less annoying these days and who’d have thought when the show started that Karev would turn out to be one of my faves.


Hi All, that’s why we’re going to Mt Lofty, to see if the leaves are turning brown red and yellow. Last year we were a bit late and it was also freezing and raining! We didn’t mind but my dad was bringing out his grumpy German-ness!!

I told a mate from work to watch Orphan Black and it took him nearly the whole season to work out all of the clones were played by the same person!


Sounds like Woolif. Never let him choose a movie because he can pick one you saw a week earlier. He can watch a movie or tv show then after an hour go, “That’s Georgie Cloonie”. It takes him ages to recognise even well known actors.

On the other hand, I have a son who will recognize instantly and tell you just about everyhin they were ever in. He is the Wikapedia of tv/movies.


What exactly is “grumpy German-ness”? 😀


My kids as soon as they see someone it’s straight on to Google or Wikipedia to find out all about them and everything they have ever been in.
Couldn’t be bothered myself, just watch the damn show.

I wish I was in to all of those Orphan Blacks and other similar genre but sadly it doesn’t do anything for me. I realise they have made some superb different series but it just take my fancy.

There are a few different British dramas I am looking forward to the start of their new series this year. Can’t beat a good British drama as far as I am concerned.
Bring them on, the sooner the better.


I also watch the Walking Dead as well as Orphan Black. Won’t make any comments about Walking Dead because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but this season is much better than last season.


I found myself watching The Devil Wears Prada – again – last night. Looking forward to Anjum’s Australian Spice Stories – Food Network Monday night. It got a good wrap in the Sunday papers. Also still watching American Idol, though have to admit, I FF through most of it – such a shame I don’t like any of the finalists this (final) year. They always spend up big on finales though so I might actually watch some of it. So looking forward to Ma$terchef. They are really hyping it up this year. I also FF though Reno Rumble – too much of same, same.
Still working with my birdies – for those who remember from last year – unfortunately our “mum” Sea-Eagle has vanished, presumed dead. Waiting to see if “dad” finds another partner.


Of course, Liberty. Whenever I see your name I think, “Birdlady”. 🐦


My week end plus my vacation was really interesting. I learned how to change diapers (how on earth is it possible for those tiny humans to produce so much stinking stuff???). That being said, my baby niece seems to be the happiest baby girl I have ever seen. 🙂 And hell, newly grown baby teeth really hurt. I mean, seriously really hurt like hell as soon as they are sinking into your thumb!
After Easter I also got a Yes for the temporary job I applied within my company. So excited as I will start in a week. It’s only for 6 months but I hope they will extend it later that year. 🙂

(Negative stuff incoming, but somehow I have to talk about this. :/)
Went back home from Germany to France and while crossing the border via train, I suddenly hear someone running and then someone falling, so everyone was looking towards the noise. Was a poor guy lying on the floor and a French policeman on top of him followed by a German policeman and policewoman. I guess they caught an illegal immigrant. 🙁 Shortly afterwards the train stopped and the police escorted him outside and then there was even more police leaving the train escorting people. We were waiting for ten minutes, then a new police force arrived and they controlled all the passports. It felt like a weird movie somehow. Some people on the train started filming everything what was going on inside of the train and at the trainstation. The most horrible ting was listening to some of the German people talking about the situation, calling the immigrants filth and even worse names (I guess these are also the idiots voting for stupid rightwing parties during elections). I seriously felt ashamed of those racist people and it took me a lot of self control to not jump into their faces, asking them if they were sick during history lessons. -.-
I have no clue how the situation in Europe is bothering you Australians, but to be honest, I think the rest of the world should be worried about what is going on in the EU. 🙁


Congrats, Zhee, on the new job. 👍👍👍
Of course I think most of us have our eyes on Europe. It’s not on the TV so much, but you can read about it and see it on line.


Thanks. 🙂

To be honest, the EU situation is not causing me to fear other bombings, but I fear the political issues coming along. :/ All the rightwing idiots getting stronger from week to week…