Survivor BBB2 – Thurs, Apr 7

Please, please let Aubry survive and Jason get blindsided. Wishful thinking, I’m sure.
Rosie will kindly be doing our recap as my household now has more infections than a Kaoh Rong beach.
In the meantime, who do you want to win and who do you think will win?
Here’s a pic from first two minutes. The hairdo makes Jason look even creepier.

When you've found all the idols all that's left to do is play hairdresser.
When you’ve found all the idols all that’s left to do is play hairdresser.

Apparently poor old Joe isn’t feeling too powerful.

Meanwhile, creepy old TattyBountyBoy (let’s call him TBB tonight) is feeling powerful indeed, and thinks all the Brains need to go. Creep. Well, I suppose if you don’t have any (brains) yourself, you don’t want any remnants of a tribe made up of them hanging around to remind you of that fact…

Aubry is well aware that the pretty girls are going to get ahead and she ain’t one of them, so she is in trouble.

And our resident creepo, TBB, is playing the, “My daughter is autistic” card for all his worth tonight. Her care is expensive, so the rest of the family live in poverty to pay for her care. So you HAVE to hand him the million dollars, y’all! You gots to! I mean, nobody else deserves it!


They divide into two teams (off camera) and the reward will be ice cream! Amuses me that ice cream boy Neal was medevaced out last week. I bet he’d be thinking his is better than this. 😀

Onwards. Aubry is the captain of the team with Cydney, Michele, Joe and Jason. The other team consists of Nick, Debbie, Scot and Tai, with Julia as their leader.

They must transfer one team member via stepping pole thingies from one platform to another. Then they’ll all swim out to a tower. First team to have all five members stand on the top deck for a few seconds will win.

Bla, bla, bla, Julia’s team wins. Because poor Aubry and her team were completely hopeless. She knows she is going home now and is a bit tearful.

TBB acts like the creep he is and, since they are having their ice cream at the beach with the others nearby, tells them to make lots of noise about it.
So Scot now tells HIS sad sob story. Apparently his family struggle for money because his mother is in a nursing home and, and, waaah! I doubt his family struggle all that much somehow when I think of the amount of money he made in his professional life.

While Nick and TBB are alone they start talking strategy. The chaps think there might be an all girl alliance, but Nick doesn’t think so.

Nick walks off with Julia and asks her if the women talked any strategy today. She says no. Cydney then tells the guys that Nick is talking game with Julia and they should be careful. TBB dobs to Cydney that Nick was saying that there is an all girls alliance and she is pretty cross about that. The plan is to let Aubry go, but if a guy has to go, Cydney is prepared to vote one out.


[No Orange Hat for Jeff this week, probably because he somehow knew that Juz wasn’t going to be able to write this recap. Heh.]

And it’s another balancey one. Me likey. Tai should do well, and come to think of it, all of the girls should do well.

They have to stand on a very narrow bar while hanging onto another bar behind their head. Ick! If they step off, or let go of the bar behind their head…well you know the answer to that. All over, Red Rover.

Jeff knows it’s going to be a long ‘un, so starts tempting the Survivors with food. But what’s this? Poor Julia falls off just seconds before the food arrives, not that we know whether or not she’d have stepped off.

Jeff brings pizzas (although those Survivor pizzas generally look pretty yuck to me ;)), drumsticks (and no, not the ice cream ones, the part of a chicken ones 😆 ), brownies – now we’re talking, hot dogs (also unappealing to me) along with cold drinks.

He only gives them 10 seconds to decide. That’s not long, Mr P! TBB, Scot, Michele and Joe take the food. That’s a hell of a risk if I may say. At least TBB has an idol tucked away, but the others don’t.

Debbie is down, followed by Aubry then Nick. Nick talks about going to his first ever TC tonight and says he hopes it won’t be bittersweet. Scot reassures him that it won’t be.

40 minutes have passed, and it is between Cydney and Tai. Tai appears to be in pain while Cydney seems to be stoic… until she drops. It must have been the chanting Tai was doing to Buddha that did the trick! Tai wins immunity! Well done, sir!


Nick thinks the vote will be split between Aubry and Debbie. Personally, I’d be more than happy to see the end of Debbie. But the women say they want to take Nick out. Ooh! But Michele is not on board, so who knows what will happen?


This is Nick and Michele’s first TC, so they must get fire because fire represents life bla bla. Who me, roll my eyes?

And here is Neal, first member of the jury. I’m just surprised he’s not surrounded by doctors, nurses, oxygen, IVs etc. He just has the one wee dressing on his knee. At least James had an IV.

Debbie announces that the Brawns and Beauties have merged and the Brains are on the outs. All together now – aww, poor Brains. For a team called Brains, they sure are stupid. Tai talks about the possibility of a super idol, to the surprise of some of the Julia. Why would he mention it? Little man, little brain? Debbie points out that someone has to be at the bottom of the alliance.

Debbie says that she still has hope, while Scot says the votes will go as predicted. There will be no blindside. I cross my fingers in desperation.

They vote. No one plays an idol.

Jeff reads the votes: Aubry, Debbie, Nick, Aubry, Jason (ha! Goodonya, Tai! I might have to start liking you again now.) Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick. So no blindside, hey, Scot?

And the really sad (I do have feelings, honest!) thing is that Nick won an immunity idol last week, that went unused. Ah well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

On the whole I’d have to say this was a fairly boring episode in a fairly boring season. Maybe more excitement next week?

But one more thing, as blindsides go, yes, Nick was blindsided (which was wonderful), but it could not have been more obvious to us, the audience, unless they had had big banners up around the place screaming that Nick was going home. But even Nick might have guessed then. 😉

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I like this season and for the first time I havent gone on the US website RealityTVworld to check out their live posts as the episode airs in the US – If you can find them, check out the early recaps of the Apprentice by someone called Shakestheclown. Hilarious and pithy.

As to who do I want to win – I really don’t mind who even if one of the two nunchukus (the tattooed meatheads) wins because they’ve been working it and not hiding. Even crazy Deb has her sinewy charms.


I’m amazed (and pleased) to hear someone is actually enjoying this season. I’m finding it pretty boring – mainly because this bunch of contestants are so unlikeable. So far there’s just no one I want to win. No one.

I’m not hating it to the point of giving up on the season as I’ve done some years. I’m just not terribly invested in it. And I’ll be REALLY pissed off if either of those tattooed creeps wins, but especially Kyle. *shudder* At least Scot can behave semi decently when he’s away from him.


I quite like this season although, of course, Second Chances was such a buzz anything that came after would seem tamer. I found the season with Shirin, Will and Dan etc so frustrating and sad, and San Juan Del Sur boring but less annoying (although at least it gave us Jeremy). The current cast at least came ready to strategise – fewer goats this time round.


I’m another who is enjoying the season, although the last episode was very drab. I like most of the people, and can only identify those I don’t want to win at this stage. Those are Jason, Nick and Joe. Jason is the only one I dislike, but Nick and Joe annoy me. I’d be happy with any of the others as a winner, but the next few weeks should start separating the wheat from the chaff in terms of seeing who is playing the game best.


Hmmm. I am enjoying it too. And no one is annoying me too much. It’s a bit more subtle play, but it works for me. 😊


Tonight was the first time I liked Cydney. The Brawn boys play Survivor like they are arrogant school bullies so I hope they go soon. And what ws Tai doing mentioning the super idol? Maybe it was deliberate, and he was just playing naive. Afterall he did write Scott’s name down. But then again, no, he might be dumb because there was no point or strategy behind that. Unless it was just to unsettle Scott and leave him wondering.
Anyhow, if they can’t get rid of Scott or Bounty Hunter, then I hope it’s Julia next. But it might be Michelle. I think people are now going to be thinking about taking a horrible person to the final 3.


Well, you got half your wish – Aubry is safe for another week. Pity Jason didn’t go.

I have a different view of Cydney now. I had thought she would stick like glue to Scot and Jason, but she has shown that she is more ruthless, and will make decisions purely on what she sees as best for herself. Great to watch this week, but I fear for her future now.

I’m not a fan of the ‘all the women should stick together just because we all have two xx chromosomes’ philosophy, but this season it was probably a valid strategy as the boys were starting to form a boys’ club. My feeling is that Cydney was only employing the girls’ alliance strategy because it suited her at the time, not because she intrinsically believes that women should always stick together.

It was interesting that Joe also voted Nick. Was he privy to the girls’ vote, or was he just voting randomly for his own choice because nobody was talking to him.


Cydney knows she was more chance beating women in immunity challenges and it will look good on her CV if she masterminds voting out the “power” players. It was fascinating to watch her and Tai in the challenge – the bamboo and the redwood. He rattled her with his comments and I think his super idol blurt was deliberate. I reckon Aubry told Joe to vote Nick.


Yes, I am suspicious of the super idol spill too, Juz. But what’s with him voting Jason? Did we miss some conniving that lead to Tai going rogue?

I think Jason and the Bounty Hunter have been acting like they have it in the bag, which would be a turn-off to other campers. It’s interesting that it’s those two who brought out the back story. Not a good idea at a stage when people are deciding who would be a threat in the final three.


Jason is the bounty hunter, Scot is the NBA player. I was wondering about Tai’s vote, too. I wonder if he thought that the split vote might backfire, and a person with a single vote would be gone. While it seems that Tai adores Scot, I don’t think he is so keen on Jason. According to ‘the plan’, as a beauty Tai was meant to vote Debbie – maybe he just didn’t want to do that. Or maybe he just likes throwing bombs into the camp?


Thanks for clearing that up, Fijane. That explains a lot. Yes, Tai would have noticed the change in Scott after Jason showed up.


And the back story, there was no reason for Jason to talk about his daughter’s autism, except as a way to garner sympathy. If asked about his kids he only needed to say that he has a five-year-old daughter who is in kindy, He tried to justify it all in the confessional by claiming it was a way to educate people, but it is pretty low to use your daughter’s situation to win a show.


That was a fun episode.

I’m not sure I like the super idol thing. I’m wondering if I will hate it as much as exile island which, for a TV show, was a nonsense concept take out a player from all the action. yeah. Very suspenseful.

With the superidol thing – the importance of the voting and the negotiations and lead up to it and the discussions during tribal council become redundant if a person can use the idol AFTER the votes are read.


I HATE the super idol. It is giving too much of a free ride to the holder. You can tell people know the horrible guy has an idol, so as you say Bolders, he is completely out of the picture when it comes to discussing getting him out. I think they need to force him to use it asap. All vote for him. But then again, it can’t be used without someone else with an idol agrees, so “time to go Bounty Hunter”. Force him to use it, one way or another. That’s what next week should involve.


But for it to get used, someone has to sacrifice using it for themselves. Is Tai willing to give up his own idol to save Jason (or anyone else)? I don’t think I would. Would Jason do it in reverse to save Tai – I doubt it.

If Tai was to use it for himself (even when he thinks he is safe), he could remove the super idol concept from the game, and make Jason much more vulnerable.


Thanks for the great recap Rosie.

I wanted Jason or Scott to go too. When they have those tempting with food challenges & the arrogant ‘sure they’re safe’ ones get down I always want them to get voted out. But poor Julia, if only she held out for a couple more minutes. I would have felt worse for her if she hadn’t had the reward the day before.

Well that was a blindside, no one saw it coming & the guys are not impressed judging from the promo for next week.

Tai was hilarious spilling the beans about the super idol. Wonder if there’ll be repercussions.


I suspect that Jason in particular will turn savagely on Cydney if he finds out that she engineered the blindside.

On the other hand, Nick proved himself to be such a loose cannon in this episode, the boys might be secretly pleased to be rid of him.


If I hadn’t had decent food for 20 days and then gorged on ice cream I would be so sick. I wonder how they felt later that day? That preview of them taking the machete was just so childish and only cements the perception they are dicks. Yes, they’re going through some tough personal times back home, but they are still dicks.


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get a turn of personal tough times, sooner or later we all hit highs and lows. No one is immune from unavoidable tragedy such as sickness, accident or death. My motto; enjoy the highs and grit your teeth through the lows knowing another high is coming. Life isn’t like a box of chocolates. It’s like a roller coaster. If you make good decisions; you can minimize the lows. And I don’t reference Dr Phil on that insight.

BTW Gene Symmonds from Kiss gave better advice than Dr Phil the other day.


Daisy I saw that show and I think Dr Phil’s format whereby he has to pad out 45 minutes of shock and awe has, in my opinion, diminished his professionalism. Especially when he gets up and starts finger writing on that big screen on stage.

44 minutes of schlock and then 1 minute of “i’ll get ya help”


And it’s not really a “safe place to talk about hard things”. It’s on telly ffs. 😦


Rupert tweeted that he never won immunity because if they had won a reward the day before he would be lethargic the next day.


The above is a link to an interview with Neal about why he didn’t leave Aubry the Idol.

Also the link below is an interview with NIck on why Tai voted for Jason in last night’s episode.

These interviews dont contain spoilers (they’re not allowed to disclose what happens or what they know) but they do provide more context about what we see on the show and what isnt shown as well.


Thanks for those links, Bolders. Interesting!


Well, that makes a bit more sense. They make so many plans and counter-plans that it is quite understandable for someone to get stuck doing the wrong one. That’s why Scot’s whisper of ‘original plan, original plan!’ a couple of weeks ago was so funny, because no one knew if the plan they were following was the original one!


Yeah I was thinking that. They change it so many times I would get confused & forget which plan was the original one.