Survivor BBB2 – Apr 28 – The One After The Scot Blindside

I’m looking forward to seeing Jason’s reaction to the Scot blindside and Tai’s perceived betrayal. Will he keep his mouth shut and just moan to Julia or does Mark the Chicken need to fear for his life?

Over to guest recapper Rosie (thank you muchly):


And as usual we start after last week’s TC. Tai is happy that he has taken control of his game, after the tatty boys were talking over him. Yep, he sure showed them! Oh, that was such fun just to see the looks on their faces last week! He reminds them that it’s a game.

TBB (TattyBountyBoy) says they’ll never get rid of Tai now, and he hates it. Well, you should have played a better game, moron. He is upset that he lost both his partner and his idol. Oh boo hoo, poor wee petal.

Julia is also upset, but Tai reminds her that she wrote his name down. Heh. She is upset that Tai, Cydney, Aubry and Joe formed a secret alliance. Tai offers to explain why he voted for Scot, but she doesn’t want to hear it. I laugh. I laugh a lot while watching this show.

The next morning Tai speaks to TBB about the ousting of Scot. Gutsy feller! TBB says he understands why he did it, but tells us he can’t let Tai and the others see how angry he is and he wants revenge. Tai is worried that TBB will wring Mark’s neck. Um, I really wouldn’t see a problem with that, what with Mark being a CHOOK, who was given to the Beauty tribe for food in the first place.



In which they must race through obstacles, collect rings which they will then throw onto a hook. Which will be swinging, thus making it more difficult. The reward (Rosie’s eyes roll as usual when she hears: “Want to know what you’re playing for?” – I always want someone to say, “Nah, we assume it’ll be something good, Jeff, so let’s just get on with it.” :D) The reward will be a helicopter ride around the island, followed by a fried chicken picnic. They show the obligatory excitement.

But I forgot to mention the most important bit, and that is Jeffy’s hat. It’s the orange one – aka the favourite of our Juzzy girl!

They are playing in pairs, and seeing we are down to 7 players this week, one person doesn’t get to play, and therefore won’t get a chance at the reward. It’s TBB. Ha ha. But wait, I’m wrong. Michele and Cydney win, and they are allowed to take one other person – even TBB! But no, they bring Aubry! Ha ha ha ha ha! I laugh a lot. I should also say that for all my giggles I nearly forgot to add that Joe – yes Joe! – and Tai came very close to winning. Wouldn’t have ever believed Joe could ever come close to winning an actual challenge now, would you? Well he did. Come close that is. Didn’t actually win, of course. Let’s not get silly here.

Off to Reward where they enjoy their food, along with some wine followed by a rest in hammocks. How very pleasant. And naturally they discuss the game. Cydney and Aubry whisper together that Michele might be a better bet to take to Final 3 than Tai or Joe. But tonight they need to target TBB or Julia. I’m yelling TBB! Make it TBB! at my TV. Sadly they don’t seem to hear. *pouty face* At least they realise it will be too dangerous to take Tai as part of any Final 3.

Back at camp TBB and Julia realise that they need immunity. TBB thinks voting for Tai will work if they can talk the others into blindsiding him. They chat to Cydney about voting out Tai. She sees that as a win win for her.



This one is a water challenge, where they have to swim to a raft over an obstacle, memorize a bunch of symbols and numbers and get a combination that then gets them a word puzzle. This looks hard! Joe opts out, but I can hardly blame him. Eventually, Michele wins. Congratulations – that did not look easy!



TBB is upset that he wasn’t even close and can only hope that the others will vote for Tai alonga him.

Aubry and Cydney discuss whether to tip out TBB or Julia, and decide on Julia. Aubry says TBB will be polarizing for the jury, whereas Julia has no blood on her hands. Michele thinks this sucks. But she doesn’t say anything. There’s also talk about Tai, saying he can win this. Well, duh, he got out a huge threat last week, of course he can win this! At this rate, anyway. He is all worried, and decides to bring his idol to TC.

Michele tells Julia they are voting for Tai, and is hoping it will be true. Cydney may or may not be voting Tai.



Julia tells Jeff that Michele is the only person who can feel 100% safe tonight. Tai says he has his idol and his secret advantage. He wants to remind his alliance that there’s no need to shake the boat. TBB says he trusted his alliance and now Scot is out. (heh heh) He says Tai flipped like a flapjack twice on his alliance and it will happen a third time. Tai retorts that TBB and Scot were tight and in control. TBB says Aubry and Joe are even closer. They are? Joe? Really?

They vote. We see TBB vote for Tai, and Aubry vote for Julia. Well big deal, editors, those were votes we could have known were coming, so thanks for nothing. Tai is clearly worried, and whispers to Aubry should he play his idol this time. She thinks he’ll be safe but says it’s up to him. Jeff counts the votes and calls for any idols. Tai leaves his in his pocket, but looks worried.

And here are the votes: Tai, Julia, Tai, Julia, Julia, Julia. Everybody wave bye bye to Julia! Michele gives her a hug before her torch is snuffed and she (Michele) has a bit of a cry. I must say TBB and Scot both look a bit cross. I do think TBB is pretty jolly lucky it wasn’t him. In fact, since he didn’t win immunity, and doesn’t have an idol, I don’t for the life of me understand why not. I know Aubry felt earlier that TBB couldn’t win, but he can also go on an immunity run. Me, I’d have voted him out soonest. Maybe next week?

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I’m happy with that result. I am loving this year’s Survivor. There is only one person left who I don’t want to win. My favourite three are Aubrey, Michelle and Cydney. 👍👍👍


Thanks again, Rosie. I had to get Mr Juz to upload it last night as I didn’t watch tribal til this morning. Anyone else think Michelle is getting a lot of airtime? Wondering if she and Cyd eventually blindside Aubry …


I think Michelle is getting a lot of airtime now because she was basically invisible for most of the season – well to me she was.

Is the old guy not allowed to talk? Or is he happy enough to keep quiet, ride it out and collect the dough they give you based on how long you last?
I suppose it’s one strategy.


Julia was a schemer who would have tried to turn a player from the majority alliance if they’d kept her in. They couldn’t control her. Whereas everyone knows Jason is out of options, other than winning immunity. He’s a fast runner but he’s no Joey Amazing and the other players have all shown they can win challenges. As for FBI Joe, yeah, well – he’s there. Pretty good for 71yo in that crazy humidity. Unless he is medically evacuated he’s in for the long haul. I want Dr Rupert to come back for an infection update. Aubry’s been wearing her buff around her leg so I wonder if it’s still icky?


Yep, Julia was a sweeeeeet choice. She could have done damage. And I didn’t like her. Funny how some can scheme and plot but you still see their good qualities. I didn’t see that with Julia. I prefer Tai without the influence of Scot and Jason but I prefer the remaining girls.


I don’t see that Tai wins if he makes the final TC. Tai’s been in 3 alliances so far and his former allies are not all that likely to vote for him. What Jason and Julia were actually arguing was that despite betraying previous allies, throwing an even larger tantie than the Worlds Apart blue collars, hopelessly overplaying their hand and sabotaging the camp they could still be trusted. It was a silly argument that deserved to crash and burn. As did Julia.


Thanks for the great recap Rosie.
I was yelling at the TV ‘play your idol’, but lucky he didn’t listen to me as it turned out he didn’t need to. When he didn’t play it I was worried for a minute mhe’d be yet another player walking home with an idol in his pocket.
Surprise surprise Jason was pissed off about Scott going. I don’t know why Tai didn’t point out that he would have gone home if he’d given his idol to Scott.
Mark the chicken was hilarious, did you see his reaction when Julia said they’re eating him when Tai goes?
I have a terrible memory & would have been hopeless trying to remember all those numbers & symbols.


Michelle would have done a good association, eg six snakes, seven spiders, think ss, and spider with a missing leg.


I’ve only watched about five seasons, but I can’t remember a more passive player than Joe. He really is just Aubry’s patsy.

Bit late now for Sookie to decide trying some subtlety. It was lovely to see him subdued. I was quite convinced by Tai’s apology, but I feel like he sends me on a roller coaster – sometimes I admire him, then he does something devious and petty like putting out the fire in the middle of the night.

I agree that taking Tai to final 3 is risky – not a given that he would win, but a possibility. Sookie and Joe are guaranteed non-winners, and I think Michelle hasn’t done enough and doesn’t have enough time left to prover herself to win. Unfortunately, Cyd and Aubry are basically neck and neck as obvious winners, and therefore they will each have to try to turn on the other soon. I suppose the bonus for us viewers will be that whichever of them does it successfully, without alienating others, will be a very worthy winner. Personally, I think Aubry has been a much more successful puppeteer, turning events her way but making it look like others have done it. But I worry that Cyd will be more successful in turning others against Aubry.

I know that some longterm viewers feel that they have seen every challenge before, but we really enjoy the challenges. I like the memory puzzle one because it balanced physical ability with memory skills and logic.


No, only the last four, I think. One of the kids has a friend who has box sets right back to the start and I think there is a plan afoot to binge on them. Seriously, I don’t know how I can fit it all in, though. Too much to watch, not enough time. I have about 40 hours worth of movies on the PVR waiting to be watched, not to mention finishing Outlander, and rewatching Poldark and Against the Wind!


Talking of shows evolving, we have been watching TAR which has been on 7flix. I can’t tell if it is old or new, but it occurred to me this week that it doesn’t have U-turns. Been a long time since I have seen a season without them.