MKR – Tues, Apr 5 – supermarket challenge

Coles hasn’t been getting much bang for its buck lately with the offsite challenges and sudden deaths, so it’s time to put the brand front and centre with a supermarket challenge.
They get to shop, prep and cook inside a rather new-looking Coles store. Shoppers will judge their family-friendly dishes and the people’s choice winner is safe for the next couple of episodes and gets their recipe published in the Coles food magazine. Geez, I hope they didn’t bump Mike and Tarq’s rice pudding to make way for tonight’s winner.
Everyone plays bumper trolleys in the fruit and veg section.

What’s cooking?
Tasia and Gracia are making satay beef with nasi goreng and achar (it’s a vegie pickle). The shoppers will love it.
How much better does Zana look in her casual gear, again rocking her Lara Croft braid?

Zana runs like such a girl.
Zana runs like such a girl.

Zana and Plus One are making ricotta gnudi with roast pumpkin and sauteed mushrooms. Hmm, a vegetarian dish is unlikely to win.
Hot off their unexpected sudden death win, the Chopses are doing confit salmon with ruby grapefruit and fennel salad. I don’t know many kids who’d be eating grapefruit salad. Or which home cook would bother confiting salmon for a weeknight dinner.
Dads are doing peri-peri chicken with Spanish rice, which sounds exactly like something you would see in the Coles mag. A good choice, although they’ve been criticised in the past for not bamming up the flavours.
Lamb backstrap with roasted garlic and celeriac puree is on the menu for former checkout chick Lauren and Carmine. Hopefully one of the customers will teach Lauren how to pronounce celeriac.
Jordan and Anna have a delish-sounding dish: Port-braised beef cheeks with parsnip puree and pickle salad. Did Coles order in beef cheeks specially? I know here in Adelaide only some butchers stock them and certainly not the big supermarkets. What a shame their kitchen has been placed in front of rows of softdrinks rather than fresh produce.
Rosie and Paige are making what Rosie says is her kids’ fave: prosciutto, camembert and sage chicken with pearl couscous.
Lauren’s bench is right next to Zana’s – what a coincidence – and since Lauren makes a similar ricotta gnudi dish herself, so is having a right sticky at Gianna’s technique. She pulls out the gangsta slang again: “Their flour is all up in my grill.” Urgh. Enough, Lauren!
Pete thinks Rosie and Paige’s chicken dish is dated, but Fass thinks the families will go for it. We can’t all be on the bone broth, Pete. Fass is excited by the Dads’ peri-peri chicken.
Mr Chops is in a bit of a flap over his confit but Mrs is as chilled as usual. Paige puts the browned chicken in the oven and it looks sooo tasty, but then she tells Rosie she doesn’t need to set the timer. ALWAYS set the timer, girls! What are you thinking?
The Sisters are squabbling as usual while making a fab-looking peanut sauce that I’m going to have to try. (Side note: Remember when Marion, she of Thai heritage, was eliminated from MasterChef on a satay sauce-making challenge? That was a sad day).
It’s good to escape the squabbling and hear the banter of the Besties and Mama and Son. Anna reminisces that, as a boy, Jordan wanted to be a broccoli farmer and he deadpans: “I still do, Mum. Some dreams never die.”
The Dads are freaking that their chicken isn’t cooking properly, so Colin comes in to stir them up. Notice Pete no longer gets this stirring job as they know Fass will be blunter. And then Pete asks Fass if he’s impressed by the Chopses doing confit, and it’s a quick: “No.” (He hasn’t forgotten the Lemon Squeeze incident.) And then Fass goes over to tell Carmine he was a fool to slice his lamb backstrap early (der) as the juice will run out – basic cooking knowhow. Rosie and Paige are worried about flavourless couscous and Rosie is retreating into her stress bubble, while the Sisters are unsure if their beef skewers will be well done, Indonesian style, or how they know the judges want it: medium rare.
From the edit the Sisters could win and the Besties and maybe Lauren be in the bottom. Let’s see what happens.
It’s a frantic race to the finish, as once the clock stops there’s no more cooking and the hordes will descend for their free sample. Lauren and Carmine have trouble with their finished plates.

Sparse but the shoppers will eat anything free.
Sparse but the shoppers will eat anything free.

Rosie and Paige only got 28 plates up and are gutted – even Paige can’t find anything bubbly to say.
Anna and Jordan’s dish is more like a meal than a sampler and looks fab.

Time to chew:

Pete says: “It’s hard to make beef cheeks looks fresh and vibrant and they’ve done that.” Fass: “That’s a winner.” Pete: “This could be the best beef cheek dish I’ve ever tried.”

Fass thinks the lamb dish looks sad and unfinished. Pete says the lamb is cooked well but the other elements suck: “There’s not a lot of thought that has gone into this dish.”

Pete: “It doesn’t look that appealing straight off the bat.” The judges think the gnudi are dry but the other elements are tasty.

Fass likes the rice and chicken flavour.

Fass says people like food on a stick and it has great flavours. The meat is medium rare and Pete thinks the dish is on par with the beef cheeks.

Pete thinks it looks fresh and Fass says the salmon is cooked properly. Fass has to eat his words about it being a boring dish: “The guys have had a bit of a rough trot and I’ve been riding them.”

The judges think the chook is dry but the couscous has a good mushroom flavour. Pete: “They’ve dropped the ball with this dish.”

The judge give their critiques and rave about the satays; same goes for the beef cheeks. Fass: “I’m looking up – what am I looking at? The ball getting knocked out or the park. Home run.” Dads get thumbs up; Besties mixed review; Chopses get a “spot on” from Fass; Zana and Plus One cop it for dry gnudi.  Zana is devo.

Is she wearing industrial-strength eyeliner?
Is she wearing industrial-strength eyeliner?

People’s choice goes to … Chris and Cookie. That’s a bit of a surprise. Cookie gets a bit weepy … aww. Sudden death teams are Rosie and Paige and Zana and Gianni. So again we should see two high quality meals as both teams have produced stunning dishes in previous sudden death cookoffs. It may come down to whether the Besties can stay in the zone.

Who do you think will survive?

Wednesday night will be sudden death and I’m looking forward to Sunday, as there will no doubt be much footage of Fass getting shirty. here’s the blurb: Teams will head to Colin Fassnidge’s 4Fourteen where they will be challenged to come up with a dish worthy of a place on the menu.

Here’s a link to his menu. Anyone been there? The chicken liver jaffle and lamb shoulder sound divine.

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The producers are definitely angling for a Lauren/Zana stiletto duel, forcing them both to use the same counter-space (which seems impossibly small).

It feels like it’s been too many episodes without Jordan and Anna. I’m quite content, right now :).


In other news, Jordan’s cheeks are perfect. Well, I mean, honestly. I could’ve told them that.

brain dead dave

Chops handling the salmon is making me sick. Hands out of the oil ,Chops.


Have to agree…the hands in the oil was gross and put me off tat dish.

brain dead dave

Chops is taking the concept of “finger food” to a whole new nauseatingly unacceptable level.


Confit salmon, nice everyday affordable meal?


What a waste of oil. I only order that in restaurants. Same with confiture duck. Using duck fat will cost a fortune and then you will have to throw the oil out.


Yep, two pieces bought at Coles costs more than the whole meat budget for one of our meals(for 8). I have never bought that salmon for a meal, but I have done plenty of tinned version meals. A piece of salmon is a treat for the DH maybe once every two years at a restaurant.


Another two of the “favourites” locked into sudden-death elimination, while Eve and Chops and Lauren and whatshisface are still here? Someone explain that to me. Bah.


Imagine Chops and Lauren and Carmine got to Top 5. Then it will be another round of Instant Restaurant.

Finally I know what Lauren remind me of. Just like a turtle with the head sticking out and to the side.


There’s a Queensland turtle that can breathe at both ends. Maybe Lauren is a Teenage Rear End Breathing Turtle.

brain dead dave

That’s funny ‘cos I use to think Duck Nut looked like a Ninja Turtle as he had no perceptible neck and when he tried to rock a bandana~bingo. But yes, Lauren’s a turtle or at best a turdle. Carmine’s ready to come down like a tonne of concrete on anyone who criticizes his bitch, too.

When I consider how long Rose and Georgia lasted on Ma$terchef , I fear that Chops could hang around a while yet. Wake up again today to realise it wasn’t a bad dream , it’s too real; Chops actually had his hands in the oil. Don’t try that at home,children.

The point is well made about everyday people not bothering with confit of salmon. I’ve never had it and would absolutely balk at it after a clueless hipster had played with and dangled his chops in.

On My Fingers Rule, we eliminate the cream and let the shit rise to the top.

Calorie Loader

Your last sentence is a perfect summary of the show 😂😂😂


Yep, yep, yep – another so, so episode. Satay looked nice and I do love cooking beef cheeks (always available at Coles, I don’t see them in Woolies often). Tomorrow should be good. I like Rosie and Paige but think it might be their last cook. Lauren & Carmine very lucky to scrape through. Did you hear that Lauren? You did NOT “smash it”.

all happening

I often get beef cheeks at woolies. They are hidden away with oxtail, brains and other offal where most meats are vacuum packed. I usually pay about $6 for a 2 pack. I use my slow cooker to cook them the day before I need them and then put them in the fridge until next day then I skim off the fat.They are so yummy.


You’re lucky AH, I hardly ever see beef cheeks and when the local IGA does have them, they’re packaged in singles for $7 each. And they’re small ones. Really want to try them though.

I thought straight away that Anna & Jordan couldn’t win this, since Coles would have to stock far more beef cheeks if they put it in their mag. Spanish rice & chicken is something they’ve done various similar recipes for already (that mag is very samey) so they’ll be comfortable with it. And the nasi goreng/satay, whilst delicious I’m sure, has too many ingredients for an avg weeknight meal for most people. Cookie and the other guy nailed it on meal choice alone really.


I also think Coles has a say to which recipe they want in their mag


It’s only been on half an hour here and I haven’t read any comments. But, if someone came into Colin’s kitchen while he was cooking and started poking their fingers into his chicken, what would his reaction be? Are the contestants not allowed to tell the judges that they are busy and anyway, keep your damn fingers out of my food? Sheesh!


I wish Lauren’s Nonna would give her a … whatever the Italian word for slap? is.


I gotta say, the thing I most would’ve wanted to personally try would’ve been the sisters’ satay beef. That looked *fantastic*.

Calorie Loader

Chops with regards to confiting on stove top, ‘it’s how we do it at home’….what a croc. He even said it with uncertainty. I don’t think many people would bother cooking this way, esp. after a long day with hunger knocking, ‘yes i dont mind waiting while my oil heats to 52 degrees and poaches for 45mins because I need my protein to be cooked perefctly’.

I too was thinking about all the litres of oil that are being used once and then being disposed of in no other than an environmentally conscious way….

The beef cheeks and satay sticks looked the tastiest. I was hoping one of these would make it into the magazine.

Cannot believe Lauren escaped sudden death again.

Not many people to taste the food. The same 10 kept getting force fed the different meals.

Lizi :)

Long time reader, first time commenting – 4Fourteen is one of our fave special places to eat – the food is wonderful!!
I recommend the licorice beef and the roast suckling pig special at weekend lunch, and the bone marrow and the fabulous desserts – and the to-die-for “Loose Goose” cocktail made with elderflower liquor… yum!!!
The MKR crew are going to struggle to produce a dish worthy of that menu, that’s for sure!


Welcome Lizi, hope we will see more comments from you.
Colin’s food sounds delicious. Might have to put it on my list next time I am in Sydney.
Poor Lauren and Carmine they were so sure their photos and recipes were going to be in the Coles magazine 🙁
Some of these contestants are so delusional about their meals. It’s a joke listening to them talk about how wonderful they are and then they fall flat on their face.
Yes who has the time and money to make that salmon as an easy every night meal? You are all right about the oil and the fingers, yuk.

I think Zana will pull out all stops and beat the girls but you never know with this show which way the judges will go on the night.

I just wish we could see some of the standard of food we used to see in the early years of this show.


I don’t mind if the contestants are cooking food from their heritage ( since this is My Kitchen
Rules) all the time but they need to be good. So far many have failed big time.

It’s rubbish that Chops confit salmon all the time. They bought 14 pieces of salmon fillet. How many serves did they made? Cookie was saying 40 to 50 serves.


I don’t mind the heritage cooking either, it’s nice to learn new things, except when ‘Nonna’ is revered as if just being a nonna makes you the best cook in the world. Also, there is a hint of superiority in these teams who seem to believe that any sort of ‘foreign’ cooking will automatically trump anything from an ‘anglo’ heritage.

Sometimes I wonder if MKR could do with a bit more dictatorial-ness (sorry, couldn’t think of another word to mean what I’m thinking). Maybe they should be challenged with having to do certain meals, rather than always having the choice of what they will cook. It is too easy for those who are proficient in one cuisine to keep sailing through with just minor adjustments. I wonder how they would cope if they had to make a flashy birthday cake, or a whole fish dish, or a three-course meal that showcased a single ingredient. I know these are more Masterchef type of challenges, but I’m tiring of teams being able to make almost the same type of food every time. Those who do try to challenge themselves usually get criticised for it.


I like the sisters but have they succeeded with a dish that hasn’t involved lots of spice and heat?


Agree with everyone about confit salmon or anything else, I bet chefs never do it at home either. Salmon’s rare enough on my table that I don’t want to mess with it too much, let alone with $20 worth of olive oil.

I’m starting to have trouble even looking at Chops, especially when he smiles. He’s like a cartoon character & something about him makes me shudder a little. If I were starving I couldn’t bring myself to eat something he’d handled.


I did quite like them at the start, but nothing turns you off someone quicker than knowing that they have received preferential treatment (whether they are nice or not).


Bel, I’m the opposite, I can’t stand Mrs. Chops when she smiles, she’s always smiling and it drives me crazy. She smiles when they have nothing whatsoever to smile about, grrrrr………Maybe it’s just me and I need to take a leaf out of her book, grr…
There seems to be no doubt, the Chops seem to rub most of us the really wrong way.


Yeah, I’m siding with the group on this one, Chops just gets on my nerves. For goodness’ sake, man, *shave*.


Not sure why a dish with one poor element was judged to be worse than one with only one good element. I’m no fan on Gianni and Zana but I think they were gypped last night.

Lauren had no idea that Rosie and Paige’s reaction to cooking against Zana was a backhanded insult to her. Paige would have so much preferred to cook against Lauren, as they would have a good chance.

I can’t see the producers being willing to lose Zana at this stage, so I am already grieving for Paige and Rosie.


I will be sad if either team goes tonight. I liked Rosie and Paiges Pancetta wrapped and stuffed Chicken Dish and they did fit the brief…in that it was a family meal. I have cooked that dish many a time for my kids. Tho I got the recipe from either Jamie Oliver or Nigella.
I think both teams can cook, tho I think that Zana, barring a disaster, will win as she is super competive.