MKR finale date

Channel 7 aren’t delaying the MKR final – hooray. We’ve been watching this season of MKR since K-Rudd was PM, it seems. Okay, it’s only been three months, but still …
The My Kitchen Rules grand final will air on Tuesday, April 26 ahead of the season four premiere of House Rules on Wednesday, April 27.
The Channel 7 blurb says: Tomorrow night’s first semi-final (April 21, 7.30pm) will see the winner progress straight to Tuesday’s grand final where they will compete against the winner of Monday night’s (April 25,7.30pm) second semi-final for $250,000 in prize money.
My Kitchen Rules has reaffirmed its place as Australia’s number one entertainment program with the current season averaging 2.3 million combined (metro+regional) viewers each episode. It is also the most watched regular program in 2016 for total viewers.

So, who do you want to win and who is actually going to win? And will you watch House Rules?

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On Monday night, I will just watch the last five minutes to find out the winner (sorry, Anna and Jordan but I just can’t take any more Lauren). I will only watch the GF if LC are not in it.

I am looking forward to HR – the promos look great although it seems they have set up a guy as the villian already. I wish they were giving us a break though, even a week to calm down after MKR would be nice.

Some people have said that because Reno Rumble tanked, that renovation tv is dead and HR will also flop To my mind you can’t compare the two shows. RR was never a good concept and only survived the first season because they lured ex-contestants in. In every competition show, there is this fine balance of how much crap (overdramatics, rigging etc) the viewer will tolerate against the good parts (quality work, likeable contestants). When that balance is tipped, then the show is unsalvageable.

Having said all that, HR could tank if we don’t see enough actual reno or the dramatics take over. I do expect the numbers to be down as bit, purely because numbers are down for all shows.

Another great ep of “Hunted” last night.


I’m with Fijane. I am so fed up with Lauren, who never should have got this far, that I don’t care who wins. This whole season has been so contrived that all enjoyment of it is about gone.

I won’t be watching House Rules, reno shows don’t appeal to me. In fact, I think I am over reality shows with toothy hosts and trumped up histrionics. I only hope MasterChef keeps it to a dull roar, because I do like the cooking on there. And Marco. 🙂


I got a couple of gems from Jordan’s instagram account this morning (what?). He confirmed that the teams’ outfits are all chosen for them by the show (somebody actually inquired about the Cash Cow shirt). He loves avocados. And between the increasing number of shirtless pics, there’s a photo of him sitting on a pile of pallets in the middle of a cabbage field, wearing work-boots and nothing else, while holding a small crate of cabbages in front of, well, you get the idea.

After seeing that photo, I had to go and sit down for a while. Swoon.