MasterChef starts Sun

Only a few days until MC starts on 10. In the meantime, read this nice interview with the MC three.
story in The Age
Th first two nights are auditions while the blurb for Tuesday says: In the final round of the judges’ auditions, seven contestants all vying for the final apron must prefectly recreate Shannon Bennett’s popular chocolate bar in the first pressure test of the season.
And on Wednesday: The top 24 contestants enter the kitchen for their first mystery box challenge to create a dish with ingredients chosen by 2015 winner Billie.

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brain dead dave

If Australia Ma$terchef is so great, how come all these celebrity Poms are drafted in to convince us?

These aren’t the best evah. The standard’s not going up up and up. The “passion” of the amatas is so overwrought.


Every year is best ever !!

all happening

I just realized Shannon Bennett is in the poll so can I change my vote please. Definitely my favorite. Just take one vote off Preston and ad to Shannon.


Juz kindly added Shannon later, just to please me. I thought my vote would be on it’s lonesome, but so glad I’m not the only one!

brain dead dave

Nice of Gary’s mother to drop in and vote for him on the poll, too.


No that we’ve forgotten MKR (who won again?) time to get engrossed in these contestants for the next 3 months…. till we forget about them too.


I like MPW for many reasons, but could do without Nigella as I find her annoying. Heston seems to have lost his last name somewhere.

Last night I half heard an ad for some show, with a sobbing woman saying how she wanted her dead grandfather to be proud of her (not a nonna, then, but what are dead grandpas?). It could be from any reality show, really, but I hope it was not from MasterChef.


Von, it was from Masterchef!!!!

Nicolette is doing it for her grandpa who passed away 3 days before the audition.

MC never fail with dead relatives

brain dead dave

Bring on the “death dish ” ,then.


Well, shit. Thanks LP. So she has dibs on the dead relative story, we will have to see who gets the sister with cancer, the single mum who raised 10 kids, the refugee from a Communist country, the guy who lost his job because of a DUI, the woman who missed out on a special at her local bakery…


Don’t forget the “I’ve quit my job to be here”!

brain dead dave

($ob)”I’m doing it for my kids to prove that you can achieve your dreams”($ob).


Oh, Dave, you’ve hit one of my pet hates. “I just want to show my kids that you can achieve anything you want if you just try hard enough.”
I say: 1. Do it for yourself, the kids can live their own lives,
and: 2. No you can’t do anything just by trying – greatest western myth ever.

As an aside, the other mantra I hate = “If I can do it, anybody can.” It’s just not true, people are all different and the factors that made you succeed this time are not necessarily so for everybody.


I am doing it for the 2 fiddy kays, peeps 😄😃😄


It’s starting to sound like a rude finger gesture…


Why can’t people on any reality/game show be 100% honest and just admit they’re doing it for a) money/prize and b) the cheap thrill of 15 minutes of (so called) fame.