Married at First Sight – Tues, Week 3

MAFS Tues night chat. By the way, is anyone still watching Seven Year Switch? I may have to watch it on catch up so I can see who ended up staying together.

Over to guest recapper Daisy (thanks again).
After previous episodes focussing mainly on Jono and Clare, tonight we see the clashing duo depart with a farewell chat to camera. Good luck Jono. Good luck Clare. Good luck Fugly and Pugsly. The psyches do a nauseatingly “knowledgeable” (hmmmm 😒) segway into newlyweds Simone and Xavier. Like a real competitor, Xavier wants Simone to compare their relationship to the other couples. Xavier thinks they brought their A game and won all categories; prettiest, wittiest, and most in love. I am hearing Carly Simon in my head; “You’re so vain, I bet you think this song is about you”. But Simone is more concerned about the day to day reality of their relationship than the appearance of it. She wants to know when Xavier is going to want to turn off the TV and spend time with her. Xavier as good as grits his teeth and yawns at the thought of having to talk to Simone or make time for her, but he covers his arse….almost….by saying babe at the end of every sentence. “Make a booking, Babe. I have a five minute slot between eating meusli and the footy match”. Simone is feeling very special. Ditch this guy, Simone. You will have zero self esteem left after 3 months.

Unfortunately there was an electrical explosion outside and I don’t know how but it b*ggared my recording so I missed almost all of the meet the parents scenes. Feel free anyone who wants to recap these scenes. It would be great to read what I missed, and good to have a different take on things. I resume viewing in time to see Simone’s mum ask Xavier will he be bringing flowers to her lovely daughter. Xavier as good as says, “If I have to”. Simone is now already singing, “You don’t bring me flowers…anymore”

Affectionate Bryce, on the other hand has no trouble spending time with Erin, showering with gifts and even…..listening to her. Wow ladies! Erin has a moth phobia and Bryce has two moths in his apartment, so they may need to move. It’s Erin’s 26th birthday and Erin is opening her present. She praises Bryce for listening to her, so I am thinking it’s “Granny’s undies” in that parcel, but no, it’s gym gear. Remember Erin told Bryce she had a problem area…her bum. Yep. Good listening Bryce. The happy little cuddle bunnies are playing house as sweetly and happily as two kittens with a ball of wool. If these two could bottle that love bliss they would make a fortune. We’ll ALL have what she’s having.

This is where my power outed for these two, so I return to find a dark cloud looming on the horizon of their perfect love. It seems Bryce’s sensible parents have offered to babysit the grandkids but Erin thinks 26 is too young for motherhood. Plus, she hasn’t done her bum yet, so never mind working off baby fat. Erin thinks she might be fine without kids. She is happy enough to remain the only spoilt member of the family. But nurturing Bryce has too much love to give and he needs babies. Will this be a deal breaker for the couple?

As soon as our third married couple Kristy and Mark, leave the treehouse the rubber hits the road…literally. They have a 7 hour drive to Mark’s farm, which leaves Kristy very cranky. She thinks that she and Mark are well suited, and Mark always makes her great breakfasts, but she just can’t see herself living the remote country life. She needs a beautiful, big dairy farm in the middle of Sydney. Instead she opts for Plan B and lures country mouse Mark into the city to see if he could get used to being a town mouse. She even tries to get him to succumb to the beat of her techno music. I think Kristy is visualizing Mark in a smart suit and tie, selling insurance. Or perhaps she could let him join her cleaning staff. She proudly shows Mark around her Sydney flat (the tour takes 60 seconds), but Mark’s not feeling the ambience. Me neither Mark. Kristy’s flat is as clinical as a hospital reception area. I am guessing there was a magazine table for waiting patients. Sadly I did not get to see meet the parents so I will guess. Kristy’s dad asks Mark what his finances were like and if he was able to support his daughter so she can retire and have 10 babies. He offers Mark a job in his factory if he can produce a son and heir to carry on the family name. Kristy’s mum just wants to know if Mark likes her cooking.

That’s about it from me tonight. I hope someone, Maz? Bob? might fill in the gaps. Feel free to take a totally different tack. Adios loverbirds. 😚😚😚😚 Until next time.

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I sent my recap in but there was an explosion outside tonight which made me lose the in law visits and now my recap has disappeared. It’s neither in sent, nor in drafts. I hope it returns from cyber space and lands in Juz’s inbox but my tab is saying”offline”. Sorry folks. If this comment works, then the problem must be hotmail. I will try and find it.


Problem solved. Recap has flown the coop. Sorry no pics tonight.

brain dead dave

I did watch some Seven Year Itch last night, Juz. Desperation, not much else on, it was there.

Thanks daisy. Seduction by techno music, the fast food of love.


Mark’s song: ” Oh give me land, lots of land and a starry sky above, don’t fence me in”.
Erin: Yummy yummy yummy I’s got love in my tummy and I feel like loving you.
Bryce: Sugar, ah Honey, Honey. You are my candy girl, and you got me wantin’ you.

Kristy’s song: Oh I would walk one thoosand miles, and I would walk 5 thoosand more, just to be the girl who gets to da da da da da …..”


Clare: Baby, baby baby, where did our love go?

MAFS the musical.


Jono: ” Don’t tell me what to do. Don’t tell me what to say, and please when I go out with you; don’t put me on display”.


Christie’s meet the parents was more like meet the sister in Castle Hill and her two spawn who ask the questions that while precocious from a babe’s mouth would be impertinent from an adults. Can I call you Uncle Mark? When will you have a baby? ‘No offence, but Aunt Christie is a craazzzy woman’.

Lady Mary’s mum’s suspicious are raised. Is he too young? Is he too cheap a date (flowers sourced from the local Woolies)? Does he have a romantic bone in his body. The veneer slips and Xavier is pissed that his usual sales charm hasn’t won Lady Cora over. Did Lady Mary rat him out?

Bryce’s mum wants grandkids. Bryce wants kids but has Erin considered this? Desperately needs to think on her feet for a diplomatic answer while in a shoe shop. Not think of kids? Did not the experts ask? After all, are not the two biggest stresses in a marriage (after a camera crew) kids and money?


Ha, ha. 😁 Thanks, Maz. Great recap. You should do more of these.

Yeah, I got the vibe that Kristy’s family are a bit superior, which accounts for the kids acting superior and precocious. So the kids didn’t ask about his bank account because they cn read a man’s bank balance by where he buys his flowers 😂

Kristy’s nieces: Teachers! (Parents!) Leave us kids alone 😛.


Erin sounds very immature, she has never lived out of home and never had to cook or look after herself, no wonder the thought of having kids horrify her. I had two kids by her age, somehow I coped! She needs to stop over thinking things so much.
Thank goodness I have an independent 28 year old daughter who left home at 19. Erin’s parents have done her a disservice by not allowing her to be able to take care of herself.
And Simone needs to stop expecting Xavier to constantly romance her, life isn’t like that. What about what she can do for him that’s romantic?


I thought the same, Pandy. Re Erin I was a mum of 3 kids by 28 and considered myself ‘an adult’. I didn’t live near parents. But it was a very different mindset. We considered ourselves adults at about 17 years of age. I think nowadays teens go until you are 30. You can’t help your era. Everyone was thin then too.

I was team Simone. Watching Xavier, it looks like he is begrudging of ANY time he has to stop doing what he wants to do. He definitely should not be marrying while he doesn’t want to share his life and leisure time. I didn’t get the impression that Simone wanted ALL his time, just some quality time without having to beg for it.
I would be out of there. I wouldn’t want someone spending time with me grudgingly.

Note to all who disagree with anything I think. It’s OK. We all see things differently probably because we see things in tv ‘characters’ that we have seen in others, and thus bring those experiences into the way we see people now. Eg, I knew a fixer Clare. She was nice but she befriended me too quickly and then made me feel like a barbie doll she wanted to dress. Her control issues made me run from a friendship before it got off the ground. Fixers are controllers who want to imprint their ideas and agendas onto others. Anyhow it’s good that we can chat here and be free to think different things and like different people.

You might like bananas. I don’t. There’s no wrong answer.

As for Erin, even though she is pampered and useless, I see a funny really nice girl there. On the first ep, with her sarcasm, I thought she must have been a mean girl, but now I think I was wrong.


Erin looks pregnant, but in a weird-up to high way.


MAFS is a double ep on Wed next.

Maz you did a great back-up recap last week. I hope you will have another bash at something. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍