Kiss Bang Love

Did anyone catch the promo for Kiss Bang Love?
You can see it here at Kiss promo

It’s coming to Seven. The blurb says: “Kiss your way to love in the provocative new dating format from the creators of Married at First Sight. Research shows that kissing is a powerful tool in our search for the right partner so in a radical new TV experiment, we put this to the test. Ten Aussie singles will each be matched with 15 potential partners. They’ll skip the awkward dates and try to kiss their way to love before deciding who to take on a romantic holiday. Will a pash lead to passion? Is one smitten after a smooch? Can a kiss from a stranger end in love?”
Late last year the casting agency was seeking participants who were available for a week earlier this year, so perhaps it’s ready to roll out after MAFS finishes. There’s a Twitter account with the show’s name but there are no tweets as yet.
I’ll be interested to see what happens after they kiss the people – do they then pick two to spend time with, and then one to go on a Perfect Match style holiday with?
And now I’ve got this stuck in my head:

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brain dead dave

The Christian Brothers taught me that heavy petting leads to intercourse.

They’d patrol school dances with flashlights to catch potential fornicators in the shadows.


This is old. We all kissed our way to love in high school. It used to be called spin-the-bottle. In our later teens we called it Going to the Drive-ins.
It’s what we did before FB, twitter and texting.


How radical would it be if it was Kiss Love Married Bang?


Haha! When this ad came on last night my mum and I cracked it.. We discussed whether it had to be in that order, too, Fijane..

I hope they won’t put this on at 7:30pm like Ch9 did with MAFS. Back in the day we had to wait until at least 9:30pm to watch Temptation Island…


It’s much easier for recappers who like to go to bed at a reasonable hour. 😪