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We’ve barely drawn breath from MKR and House Rules is upon us. And then on Sunday it’s MasterChef, The Voice AND House Rules. Tell ’em they’re dreamin’. I’ll be sticking with MasterChef and probably fast forwarding the House Rules room reveal. I’ll fastforward The Voice auditions but last time I stopped watching the battle rounds because they just weren’t that good.
So, if anyone is an avid HR or The Voice fan and would like to do recaps, all contributions welcome! I’ll probably have a squiz at HR tonight to get the lay of the land.
Here’s a link to find out more about the HR teams
It’s on Seven at 7.30pm.

Some thoughts: * Yes, those cheeky country twins are good TV and I quite like the SA couple (the lanky gardener and his designer wife). The navy couple are the TV villains, it seems.

“Hollywood Deco” usually ends up looking tacky. As does a black and white kitchen.

* Love the views but the exterior of that house is pretty rubbish as well as the interior. Were they going to demolish it but then got accepted for House Rules? Did anyone catch what suburb of Melbourne this is?
* The couple who own the house want their kids to stay home as long as possible. Really?
* So, one token non-Caucasian couple?
* Plumber and blonde girl didn’t want any glass in the family bathroom? You can tell their kids are young.
* Is the design advisor lady a poor man’s Shayna Blaze?

Swear I had that belt in the 80s - she doesn't look very "designy".
Swear I had that belt in the 80s – she doesn’t look very “designy”.

Eek - not much good having a flash house if there's a possum in your roof.
Eek – not much good having a flash house if there’s a possum in your roof.

Do we get a disclaimer at the end that no animals were harmed in the making of the show?
* No 14-year-old girl wants a linen cupboard in her room.
* Double-sided fireplace fits the brief for Hamptons style.
* It’s a bit rough that the rookie team got a room that’s structurally unsound.
* So Rob is the new Lauren who was the new Zana who was the new Jess?

I’ll check back in with this for room reveal on Sunday, but there is a double episode tomorrow (Thurs) if you’re keen.

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all happening

I watched this show last night. Have got my villains organized. How come they always have WA contestants as villain. Haha! I will watch as usual but record and watch MC live.


Distance. It makes the WA contestants easier to dump so there is no outrage when series ends with a convenient NSW/VIC final.


We always get dumped….like Tassie and NT, but I don’t mind. It’s quieter and we have great summers.


That’s us with the possum in the roof. No matter how many times we remove them, another comes in to take its place. And they are smart little devils. We found one had made a nest in a banskia tree at our place. We found it had installed a shower head. All it needed next was the plumbing to be connected.

BTW, we tried the mothball deterrent, but they just use them to play bocce.

brain dead dave

A friend had one old brushy who decorated the roof space with thousands of peach stones. Have you tried seaweed based dynamic lifter soaked in sponges? Maybe that only works in the garden.

I have cute little ringtails here.

Don’t need much haterade to feel it for Rob. His wife is a fox.


Thanks Dave, I will pass the info onto Woolif, the possum catcher and let you know if it works. But wouldn’t dynamic lifter in the ceiling really stink?
They are cute though, aren’t they. Ours are ring-tailed. Luckily we have no wee stains on the ceiling, but I don’t know why. Maybe insulation soaks it up.

I like them in the yard. We are going to have to cut more tree branches away so they can’t climb onto the roof.

brain dead dave

You can put nest boxes in trees and discourage them from getting into the roof. Luckily they seem to leave the veggies alone.


I have the cutest brush tailed possum pair that visit at night. I give them banana and watermelon. They live in neighbours roof, I see them come out the hole next to downpipe. I tried to pat one once (just once). Boy do they have sharp teeth 😉


Nest boxes sounds good. The kids would like that too. We used to hand feed a possum when our kids were young.


Is it a rule this year that they all have to wear denim overalls? Or just trying to make the country guys feel at home?


I don’t believe that Melbourne couple live in that house with no working oven, dangerous decking etc. He’s an accountant who probably makes good money, huge mortgage after 21 years of marriage? Something doesn’t add up, I bet it was bought for the show as has happened before.


I was thinking the same thing. They kept stating that the house was bought for the view.

all happening

It said in the bio they have renovated several other houses they have bought. I thought the same thing that it was bought for the show.

all happening

Every time I hear someone whinge that they didn’t know what they meant in the clues for the style of decor I lol at how stupid they are, they really should try google. The hamptons – revenge style is shown in images etc there.

brain dead dave

Rob called it “Art Deeko”. Cringe. He orders sailors to “scrub the deeks”


Sailors should scrub their deeks, especially before going ashore. 😜

brain dead dave

They want you, they want you
They want you as a new recruit

But, but, but, I’m afraid of water.
Hey, hey look
Man, I get seasick even watchin’ it on the TV!

They want you, they want you in the navy

In The Navy ~ The Village People.

Rob got to be a macho man.


Where they fry brains?

all happening

Sounds like sailor Rob is abusive or at least a bully to his wife. He has no idea of team play or compromise.
I would have thought the teams would have at least basic skills but it looks like some have none at all.

all happening

Can’t go to Bunning’s for DIY , I don’t think they are sponsors.


This is the first time I’ve ever watched this show. I take it a “week” isn’t really a week ? More like a Biggest Loser week ?

all happening

I think from memory reveal used to be Monday other years but this week has gone extra quick due to MKR final.
The home owners really have great expectations of grandeur in a small space.


At the start, Joh stated that the difference this season is that all the contestants are from “big families” – then all the bios show no more than two kids each – what?

A family of four is a small family, five is average, six or more is what I call a big family. And many parents have one or more kids in their bed each night, even if they have huge houses.


I’m sure that Phil (Philippa, Philomena, Phyllis) and Joe are not the only parents who invest all their emotion in their kids but I really hope they don’t convey that to the kids. How ego-inflating for a teen to know that your parents’ main aim in life is to keep you in their home, and that they will spend huge money to make you happy enough to stay.

I spend significant energy helping my kids understand that this is our house, and that we generously allow them to stay (paying board) but that we choose to have our house the way we want it, and they have to fit in.


And they live in Melbourne. If the kids move out they’re probably only a few suburbs away. Perhaps the house is in the kids’ names for negative gearing purposes.


The ‘keep me’ segment confirmed in that first ep, that the family remove nearly all their normal belongings, just leaving behind a few choice items that might get selectedand presumably the furniture that they don’t want. The kitchen cupboards were totally empty.


So far not thinking much of Sailor boy and Mrs. I don’t think they are going to be very accomodating with the other teams.
Maybe the owners are getting this house done up for their kids to live in while they go to university or whatever. Having a home ready for the day when they want to leave the nest.
Still trying to work the other teams out.


Sorry when I wrote my last post I hadn’t watched last night, I now have and I was far too nice about navy man. He is an outright pig!
Just wait until he wants a favour I hope he gets a flat NO, from whomever he is dealing with. Wifey just stands by and smiles.
So far they are my team to dislike intensely.


Sailor boy thinks this is a naval operation and he is in command. Not liking him or Mrs. Sailor boy.