Host of Australian Survivor announced

They even look a little alike.
They even look a little alike.

The host of Aussie Survivor has been announced and it’s a pick out of left field: Jonathan LaPaglia.
He’s the younger brother of Anthony and you’ve probably seen him in a few things, most recently The Slap and as the doc in Love Child.
Glad they didn’t go for a pretty boy game show host type. They have yet to start filming.

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Didn’t channel 9 do its own “Survivor” series years ago, and that was a total ratings disaster?

I think channel 10 are brave for trying this again, but I suppose with the success of, “I’m a celebrity!” (aka a show I went out of my way to avoid watching), they’re up for it.


They do look a bit alike in the above picture. Lets hope its better than the last one they tried which I think was done in South Australia?
And didn’t the winner of that one die or get hurt ? I thought I read that somewhere.

brain dead dave

Yeah, it was done near out near the Great Australian Bight somewhere. The flies and the freezing weather were too much for the “Survivors”.


Yes, thanks BDD, did you see any of the filming?
I just googled the winner, Robert Dickson, he later died in a car accident in 2009, very sad.


Oh wow, I didn’t even know that. That’s terrible :(.


I’d heard about that. Was he the guy who came third or fourth? I remember a crazy blonde girl who made it right to the end, as well.


As I recall, the whole thing was pretty badly produced. And the worst thing about it that it was on at the same time as Survivor Marquesas, which they never showed here!

So I say good luck to Channel 10, and yes, of course I’ll be watching. 😀


Yes I would love to see what Boston Rob was like In his first outing.


I have only seen him acting, which isn’t like having to be yourself, but La Pag might be a good choice. You don’t need to be a pretty oy. Just look at Dr Phil, Rob Ryan and Graham Norton.


But Graham Norton was hilarious in Father Ted. Of course, his role did call for a certain amount of overacting. Okay, a massive amount…


I don’t know much about him, which is probably better than getting someone who has already saturated the market. But the production quality is really the key, if they botch that then even the most popular presenter won’t help.


As an actor he is good.


Production quality and really good music…

Hi Fijane, re: Poldark & Outlander-we had to google the other couple you referred to as we have no clue about Outlander. Is it on free TV? Sorry, this probably doesn’t make much sense but (continuing) the conversation on another post re the Avatar.


No, it has only been available on Starz, but I think I saw a reference that Series 2 may be showing on Foxtel? However, the full first season is available on DVD, and I have seen them at Coles.

The story of Jamie and Claire, IMO (and many others) is one of the greatest love stories. The books are wonderful, can’t-put-down, epic sagas. They are big books (about 900-1000 pages) but not at all difficult to read. Starz have done a good job with the adaptation, although they have a tendency to try to make the villian more likeable. I was yelling in the car yesterday as a reviewer on “The Critics” radio section talked about Tobias Menzies (the actor who plays the villian) visiting Aus, and describing him as playing the hero – noooooooooooo!

Sam Heughan became Jamie (the hero) as soon as he appeared in the first episode. He is so true to the book – just gorgeous.

I’m not a fan of time-travel and sci-fi, and it is a tribute to the author that she can portray these as so integral to the story that I forget that it is supernatural stuff.

A word of warning – the books and the series have quite of a lot of sex scenes, and it does push the boundaries in violence as well. In my opinion, as a fairly conservative consumer, the sex and violence are in no way gratuitous, it is all necessary to a story set in a more primitive time and place.

Give it a go (even if you can find some clips on Youtube), I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Just had to add a great photo…