General chat for the weekend

Hooray – it’s Friday! We’ve had a week of household sickness so looking forward to TV and takeaway tonight.
I’m thinking Gogglebox, then Grey’s Anatomy and Middle Eastern food.

Manouche with za'atar and grated haloumi rocks.
Manouche with za’atar and grated haloumi rocks.

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Juz,I hope you are all better now. Have a relaxing weekend.

I am watching the swimming and thinking what to cook for the weekend.


I’m thinking 😪😪😪😪😪😪 Not even 8.00pm and I’ve had the bomb.
Grandkids for the weekend, but they’re no trouble. 💖 We’re all bunked in together.

Nice dinner Juz. I hope you all get well soon. 👍


See MC will be visiting San Fran. Awful fat pictures on line of the trio squashed in a car – as usual Matt looks about to burst!


Qantas and California Tourism Board are the sponsors this year. The 3 fat pigs have been eating at all the good restaurants. Tasting food cooked by contestants
is not enough. I guess when you dont have to pay you can just eat as much as you can.


Phew, the food on the pic looks yummy!

So, vet visit today, kitty has been put on Prozac now. :O

Then I will have to bake a cake for a friend’s birthday tomorrow – she surely wanted the rainbow cake wit the lemon curd filling and raspberries. 🙂
But tonight, I will relax, have a glass of Chardonnay and watch season 1 of Outlander on Netflix.
Action tomorrow and Monday is the first day of my new job. SO EXCITED!

PS: I am also still watching Grey’s. I cannot believe it! This show has been on for basically all my adult life so far.

PS: Sookie St. James will indeed be in the new Gilmore Girls. Wheeee!


We have watched the first ten of Outlander, but got out of the habit during the school holidays because the kids were staying up later. It had become our Wed night Date night, with the young adult kids out playing sport. I’m savouring the delayed gratification at the moment, knowing that Ep 11 is just sitting there waiting for the perfect night.


I watched the first episode of Season 2 of Outlander. Very good, especially the beginning which was unexpected.


I didn’t realise the second series had started – must get back onto the Outlander Book Club forum. I’ve just read a summary of the first episode, which sounds like they have begun the episode just like the second book starts. When you first begin Dragonfly in Amber, you think that somehow you have skipped a book.

Unfortunately, that summary also seems to imply that they are once again over-emphasising Frank. I wish they would stop trying to make him nice.


So fangirling at the moment. Netflix France features Outlander since today as their Original Series. Plus one new episode weekly. Wahhh! Birthday came early this year and 4 days to go till Kimmy Schmidt’s new season. 😀 “Do-nothing-after-work-evenings” have multiplied now….

brain dead dave

Iggy’s been on Prozac for a while. Took about four weeks to start working but it’s been really great for him. Ditto, good luck.


Thanks Juz. 🙂
I wonder too, but looks like er newest show has been a big ratings fail so far. So maybe she’s losing her momentum. And Grey’s at least seems to have a huge and loyal fanbase. Unless Ellen Pompeo doesn’t decide to leave, the show won’t go anywhere.

BDD, will see how it works. I am not really happy to give him Prozac, but the vet has been pretty great so far with the tow cats. I went with my Mopsi to so many different vets and none of them figured out he as a chronic pancreatitis. This one did and Mopsi has gotten so much better since I got the diagnosis and changing is diet etc (still a fat cat and weighs double the amount of my other cat^^).


I read the news about “Sookie” the other day, Zhee. Even though she will only be in it a tad, at least she is there. I am not a huge MC fan (she swears too much for my liking) I wouldn’t have liked her not being in the show!!

P.S 4 days until Kimmy Schmidt! 😀 😀 😀


Just sharing a mildly interesting experience . . .We were at indoor rock climbing at Castle Hill yesterday and they were filming the Bachelor there. Or at least, interviewing Ritchie while he was up a rope. Apparently they had interviewed the Bachelorettes and were doing him. Indoor climbing is just exactly like being a ropes technician apparently!


Hi Brusselsprout! Oh my gosh!! If only I had known this.. I would have taken up rock climbing. I haven’t been to that place since a birthday party when I was in high school. My stubby little legs could barely reach the heights of the “easy” wall 🙁 Guess I might see you around the Hills haha


Just have to bring up “Hunted” again, after last Wednesday’s cracker episode. The hunters upped the ante in this episode, moving from just using technology such as atm’s and cctv to using psychological weapons to mess with the fugitive’s heads. Don’t want to put out spoilers, but very surprising result.


School hols in WA now so it’s kids, kids, kids here.
I left 2 12 year olds alone in a tent with some textas and paper. When they energed they both had beards and moustaches.


Girls’ day today.


Love this, Daisy. That Winnie on the right also lives at our house. When my twins were born, my aunt sent that Winnie for one, and Eeyore for the other, from some genuine shop in England.