Survivor BBB, Thurs, Mar 10

It's all systems go for the crew in an emergency.
It’s all systems go for the crew in an emergency.

That was challenging to watch. When the humidity is so high Survivor needs to do a puzzle or memory challenge, not one of those elaborate digging through sand in the baking heat ones. Or stop for water breaks, at least! (Although maybe they do and we just don’t see it.)
The lovely Rosie has done us a recap and I will add some screen grabs and captions.

So here we are again after last week’s TC. Peter (aka Dr Fauxbama around the net 😆 ) is shocked!, shocked I tell you, and later tells us he has knots in his stomach.

Still being a smarty pants, he thinks that’s because they lost a strong player. No dear, it’s because they didn’t choose the player YOU wanted them to lose. Idiot. But they should be shivering in their shoes, because as soon as there’s a swap or merge, he’s going to take them out one by one. Single handedly!


It’s a big, big challenge in a big, big heat. Just thought I’d mention that for those who are reading this instead of watching. And no one really except Jeff is wearing a hat.

Jeff brings back the orange cap. Hooray!
Jeff brings back the orange cap. Hooray!

Although I think it’s Nick whose head is covered in a grey scarf thingie. Nor do we see anybody drinking any water.
Edit: it's Caleb with a T-shirt on his head.
Edit: it’s Caleb with a T-shirt on his head.

Oh, and the prizes? First place getter will receive a kitchen set with coffee and spices, while the second place winner will get salt, pepper, wok and oil.
Winner's reward, but drinking coffee after a dehydrating challenge may not be the best idea.
Winner’s reward, but drinking coffee after a dehydrating challenge may not be the best idea.

The challenge consists of running through an obstacle course, collecting bags of balls, and then rolling said balls into holes on boards. Oh goody, we love our balls, don’t we Jeffy?
Cydney leads at the wriggle log.
Cydney leads at the wriggle log.

After 45 minutes, the heat is getting to them. Brains win the challenge, but then Joe wants a medic for Debbie who feels as though her insides are on fire.
Good on you, Joe.
Good on you, Joe.

Debbie gets medical and Jeff's TLC.
Debbie gets medical and Jeff’s TLC.
Note it’s Joe, the former FBI agent calling for medical assistance, not the ER doctor. 😉 Medical check her over. Oh, and Debbie did NOT have heat stroke! Even Joe knew it was heat exhaustion, not heat stroke. Debbie thinks she had heat stroke though, even though you take a whole lot longer to recover from heat “stroke” than a matter of minutes, or even hours. Whatever, that she recovered so quickly is what matters.

Then Cydney is down, crying and saying she can’t move. Medical are attending to her. Another case of serious heat exhaustion.

Don't Heimlich me, Tatts. I have heat stroke, for reals.
Don’t Heimlich me, Tatts. I have heat stroke, for reals.

Then it’s Caleb’s turn. There are people everywhere on Jeff’s instruction at this point with water, umbrellas, ice you name it.

Man down - it's Caleb after a huge effort in the challenge.
Man down – it’s Caleb after a huge effort in the challenge.

Oh, did I mention Beauty got the second Reward?

It's tough for Aubry and a recovering Debbie to watch the drama unfold (go, Aubry!).
It’s tough for Aubry and a recovering Debbie to watch the drama unfold (go, Aubry!).

Finally Cydney responds to treatment (as did Debbie a wee while back), but Caleb is taking too long.

Jason may be a dick but he's a cool head in a crisis for Cydney.
Jason may be a dick but he’s a cool head in a crisis for Cydney.

Medical makes the decision to evacuate him.
Nick elevates poor Caleb's feet while they ice his body. This will be an iconic scene in Survivor history.
Nick elevates poor Caleb’s feet while they ice his body. This will be an iconic scene in Survivor history.

This is when we see Tai’s dramatic tears. I have to say I am liking this man a bit less every week. I know a lot of people adore him, but me? Not so much, hard-hearted piece of shit that I am.
No more cuddles for you, Tai.
No more cuddles for you, Tai.

Cydney is feeling okay now. Whew.

The Beauties are all unhappy that Caleb is being evacuated (including Caleb himself) but it is explained to them that it is a medical decision, not Caleb’s idea. They are all tearful, but none is quite so dramatic about it as Tai.

The girls of the Beauty tribe. Yeah, I don't know who they are either.
Tai and the girls of the Beauty tribe. Yeah, I don’t know who they are either.

Apparently it was 118ºF during that challenge. That’s nearly 48ºC!!! And I’ll tell you what else that is – that’s batshit crazy! They knew how hot it was, so why not switch to a water challenge, or just cancel the bloody thing altogether? Heatstroke can so easily be fatal. Maybe in future Medical should be calling the shots and calling for breaks, complete with drinks during such, hot, energetic challenges. And all that was for a few spices and fucking salt and pepper!! And why don’t they insist on everybody wearing a big floppy tie-under-the-chin hat? We Aussies are brought up to be sun safe, and we know about hats.You wear them on your head and they keep your head cool. Cooler.
Bye, Caleb. We like you. And you won Jeff over. Have you signed a contract to come back yet?
Bye, Caleb. We like you. And you won Jeff over. Have you signed a contract to come back yet?

Fortunately we are told that Caleb is now 100% healthy and hopes to play again.

Day 9 at Brawn and Alecia is copping it from her team. She dared to encourage her team during the challenge – the nerve! And BullyScot says he wanted her to shut up and dig. She WAS fucking digging! He also says don’t tell an NBA champion about teamwork. Interesting tweet from Dalton Ross re BullyRoss’ “championships” points:

Dalton Ross ‏@DaltonRoss
Worth pointing out that “NBA Champion” Scot played a total of ZERO playoff minutes in the Celtics 2008 title run. #Survivor

Scot is a massive dbag.
Scot is a massive dbag.

BullyScot tells her straight out that next TC she’s out. Oowaa! Cydney thinks Alecia needs to listen and stop talking. (I’m beginning to think so too, even though she’s in a vile tribe.) BullyBountyboy tells her it’s always something with her. She should take some responsibility. He then stomps away like a real grown-up.

Yes, Alecia would be annoying to live with. She's young and a bit of a goose and has no tact. But don't try and break her. (Poor Cydney at the side of the shot, just trying to get some rest after her heat stroke.) She'd be counting the days to get away from these fools.
Yes, Alecia would be annoying to live with. She’s young and a bit of a goose and has no tact. But don’t try and break her. (Poor Cydney at the side of the shot, just trying to get some rest after her heat stroke.) She’d be counting the days to get away from these fools.

He admits later he went a bit overboard because he was angry. Yes, but did you admit that to her? No, of course not. But at least she’ll see this on TV I s’pose, which will be better than nothing. *wee little eye roll* He tells us he has two daughters, and wants them to be strong, educated women who can take care of themselves. And do you want horrid, bullying, tattooed men to pick on them whenever possible, hmm?


Jeff asks are they all looking after themselves and staying hydrated? They all nod dutifully. He then hands everyone a hat … alas, only in my dreams. What he does do is chat about Caleb being med-evaced out before taking back the immunity idols.

For this challenge, they must rush into the jungle to grab puzzle pieces from up ladders, then into the ocean to find further puzzle pieces. Then – you’ll never guess! You did! You guessed that they have to solve a frickin’ boring puzzle. Aaaarrrgghh!

Brains finish first. I am disappointed since I’d have loved Fauxbama to have been turfed out. Sigh.

And Beauty take the next. Bye bye, Alecia then.


Except they are not even back at camp when Alecia says it was her fault they didn’t finish the puzzle. BullyScot says she’s going home if he has any say about it, and they can vote now if Jeff wants. BullyBountyboy – aka Yes Man – agrees. Jeff says they can if Alecia agrees. She says that would be giving up, and she doesn’t want to do that. Oh for goodness’ sake girl, have a bit of dignity! You know there’s no way any of this lot is changing their mind!


BullyBountyboy tells Jeff nothing has changed since earlier. BullyScot and Cydney agree. Jeff says this TC is more clear than any other he has seen.

They vote. Jeff calls for idols, but since Alecia doesn’t have one…

He reads the votes: Alecia, Scot, Alecia, Alecia. At least BullyBountyboy didn’t call her Blondie, which was big of him. She tells us she never gave up and she is proud of herself. I sigh. I didn’t like her much, but even so nobody deserved that level of bullying.

The tribe has spoken.
The tribe has spoken.

I find myself hoping they won’t mix’n’match the tribes just yet simply because I want to see what will happen if these three are forced to eat each other. So my fingers are crossed. But no, we see at the very end that Jeff tells them to drop their buffs next week. Oh well, should be interesting.

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OMG I was going to record this and go to bed but the suspense watching the aftermath of the challenge keeping me glued to the tv


I just remembered the bit I forgot to add. After Caleb had been flown out, Tai said, he sacrificed himself so we could win the challenge. Holy Caleb! But he didn’t die, so it’s not quite a Jesus analogy. Whew!


Yes, Caleb had the grey head covering. Maybe it added to the heat of his head? Wear a proper hat next time, mate! And drink lots of water. Oh, and don’t go on a show in such a stinkin’ hot country.


Some hats to be seen on the crew in the top photo, but not universal. If it was an Australian company, there would be an OHS duty of care there. You would think that after 30-odd seasons they would have learnt about tropical climates by now.


I kept thinking where are “Work Safety?” I also noticed later that Bounty Hunter’s back was badly sunburnt.


Maybe don’t film in these tropical locations with such high humidity in the height of summer.


Yes, it was scary. He could have died and they knew it. He is lucky he idn’t suffer any permanent damage.


Thanks Rosie Interesting point that Dr FAUX didn’t make the call but Joe did. Wouldn’t like him around me in an emergency.

Juz thanks for the link great interview with Dimples. While reading it someone tweeted why not a night challenge has been done before.
Looking forward to the switch next week.


Yep their approach to work health and safety suck.

Not a fan of Tai (that lean in towards Caleb was creepy) but a fan of Aubry like you Daisy.


I feel like I ought to like Tai, but somehow his emotional vulnerability just rubs me the wrong way. He certainly seems to have fixated on Caleb. Did Caleb encourage that, as a tactic? Maybe. Be interesting to see how Tai copes from now on.


Aubrey gives good screen grabs. And I love crazy Deb.


Yes I like crazy Deb too.

Crazy Like A Fox!


Grown up Sue Heck, aka Deb, has lots of spunk and is hilarious. I would love to see her win. I hope Caleb gets another go but maybe not on Survivor. They should put him on TAR.


I am only up to the bit where they are dropping like flies. Not a good look. I am only hoping it doesn’t mean everyone dies. They would have to change the name of the show. Sily buggers should have known it was too hot to make them do that challenge in the blazing sun. The sun usually goes down around 6.00 in the tropics so they could have done it at about 5.30.


Daisy what’s your take on Alicia telling them not to give up when her team are busy in the hot sand? Was there any purpose to the “come on guys” – I mean where they just sitting around not doing anything? If they had given up, then I get it but if I was melting in 48 degree heat digging through sand and her voice was yelling not to give up while doing nothing then, I think that would annoy me to.


It seems Mrs BullyScot does not understand the meaning of the word “bully”.

She hasn’t taken well to the comments by the many people on social media who have dared to not be showering her beloved husband with the respect and adoration he so clearly deserves. In her mind.

In fact, she has asked Jeffy, presumably on social media, to please stop all those naughty people from bullying her family. Well ducks, your dear husband started it, maybe you should be discussing it with him, not Jeff.


Whoops, it wasn’t Mrs BullyScot, it was Mrs BullyBountyboy. Sorry ’bout that.


Oh my God. What were they thinking? I couldn’t even talk to Woolif when Caleb went down because embarrassingly my voice was cracking and choking up like when you watch a Lassie Come Home movie and don’t want the family to realize you’re crying.
Talk about irresponsible production. I reckon even the competitors were probably thinking the same. And so sad it had to be the lovely Caleb. Bloody hell, he could have died.
As for Alecia, Bolders. Pretty sure she would be irritating, but you know me and the lame duck. Between an annnoying lame duck, and an arrogant douche bag, I will always sympathise with the lame duck. I thought it was really fake when tall guy said, “No it was a compliment”. He said, “Be a cheerleader. That’s all you are good for”. I am just not hearing the compliment. She could have suggested, “And you make a good bonehead”. She didn’t bug me saying, “C’mon guys”, but then I’m not the one who was digging for an hour in the blazing sun. So in that situation, they can be forgiven for getting stroppy.
But end of the day, in Survivor, Alecia was dead wood, so she was the obvious choice. I really dislike the Bounty Hunter though and hope he doesn’t last long.


BTW, Woolif pointed out that Deb looks like Sue Heck. She does too. And she is like her in personality too. She is the gung-ho grown up Sue Heck. “I tried out for baton twirling”. “I am in the cross country team”. “I tried out for Phantom of the opera”.


Interesting podcast from Dalton Ross with Caleb, and then Alecia here:


Thanks for the great recap Rosie.
There was a lot of criticism on the EW forum about how irresponsible production was having that challenge in the heat of the day. They should have done it in the morning or late afternoon. That’s the location where someone died from the French Survivor a few years ago. Plus, remember this was filmed before the last season where Joe collapsed, so they haven’t learnt from that.
Dalton said in his recap that the NBA ‘champion’ actually sat on the sidelines, so he was in effect a cheerleader. Those 2 guys were being absolute arseholes to Alecia. Yeah she may be annoying, but didn’t warrant that treatment from them.


Good comment, Carole.


Great recap Rosie! I was eating my lunch during that challenge and I forgot to eat! I was feeling very ill with worry. I agree with all of the comments about wearing hats, different water challenges, etc etc. Not sure what they were thinking.
Complete shocker.


Yes, it really was a battle field out there, very dangerous. I suppose hats don’t look “cool” enough on tv. Stupid decisions by producers. I like how they have to use sub titles for the medics so the Americans can understand their accents.


They seem to have less ‘stupid’ outfits this year really. At least no-one is wearing high heels and teeny dresses etc. I’d be looking like Bindi Irwin if I was on there!
Pandy, you still watching the Bach? And are you watching UK Bach? It’s definitely growing on me, the UK one. The guy is a Welsh Rugby Union player and seems pretty nice, and nice to look at! 😉


Wow, he was in greater danger than I thought. Five days in ICU. Surely he must have some organ damage after that. If I was a producer, I don’t know if I could put him into another series.


I’m amazed they’ve never been sued. Running that challenge in those temperatures was negligence pure and simple.


I suppose the contestants sign their liives away in the contracts. The production company would never leave themselves open in that way. There have been some people killed recently on shows, I think in a helicopter accident. I wonder what the fallout has been from that.