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This one is definitely on my “won’t even bother” list. The whole premise is unsavoury and strange. Is there a prize for the couple who decides first to end their marriage? Otherwise, why would these couples air their marital problems on national tv? I’m making a judgment based on the previews, but boo on Seven for airing this voyeuristic claptrap.


Don’t think this is the right forum for Ryan and Cassie.

As for Jason and Michelle, we hope their children are not old enough to be in school.

brain dead dave

I can’t see myself being faithful to this show.


I might give it a go, but “try out” some other shows at the same time. Don’t want to put all my eggs in the one basket.. who knows what I could be missing!


This show crosses the line in playing with people’s real lives. Really makes you think about how far Tv as a relection of society has fallen.

brain dead dave

Why not just have a reality television show where Catholic priests are shifted around Australia and are given immunity for molesting children?

Call it “Seven Month Switch”


Let me put my pop psychologist hat on, Tallena and Brad should split up. He is controlling and emotionally abusive (seriously? Takes her engagement ring back when he is angry at her),


Brad has just told Tallena that she is not allowed to celebrate her birthday without him. Run Tallena! Run!

brain dead dave

Brad is a psychopath. He needed Tinder to find someone to abuse. There’s millions of him out there.

How much $ wasted on his moronic tatts? Not a keeper.


Some of these couples are in love with the concept of being in a relationship rather than their partner.

brain dead dave

Couldn’t watch it all.Garbage.


I watched it and felt sad if it is true. I recently found out (shouldn’t have been surprised) that the other dating show is totally contrived, and all are actors.