Reno Rumble starts tonight

Well, this one snuck up on me. Did Channel 9 promo this much? I don’t watch much live TV so missed the ads. Or are they just trying to pre-empt House Rules?

Anyway, Reno Rumble starts tonight at 7:30, just when most people, like me, will be watching the MKR Zana V Italians battle.

What will you be watching?image

You can watch the first episode now via Facebook and avoid the Monday night TV crush, or catch the repeat tomorrow at around 1.30pm.

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brain dead dave

Mmm, I’ll be juggling this , MKR and Four Corners during the ad breaks. Then there’ll be encores aplenty.

It looks like Nine have gone with what they know and cherry picked white bogans for Reno Rumble. Blokes showing off their muscles while $cotty scratches himself.


I’m not the only person who finds Scott Cam quite annoying, am I?

He’s like the stone in your shoe that gets lodged there and you just can’t rid of. Not a world-ending threat, but still irritating enough to just ruin your day completely.


Nup. Over it! You’re right, BDD, they always like to pick bogans because? They are like true blue Aussies, mate? Wingsong, I find Scott Cam annoying now, too. It’s like every year he becomes a bigger and bigger caricature of himself!

I might give House Rules a go again this year but will probably get frustrated by the inane and inconsistent judging and switch off like I did last year. I love me some renovating/design shows (I chucked a major tanty when I was about 11 years old because my mum chose bathroom fitting colours for our new house without my consent….) but they have just become so over done and fake 🙁

brain dead dave

Reno Rumble will be encored at 1.30 pm. Might catch ya then, $cotty.

I’ll give House Rules a whirl, too.


Worst rating for CH 9

Only 395000 audience. May be scraped soon

brain dead dave

$100,000 prize. Chicken feed.


Stop flogging a dead horse, bring back Big brother but do it the right way when it was on channel 10, and bring Gretel back!


I tried to watch this. I really did. Not being an MKR fan, I wanted another reality show to get wrapped up in. And I was even there, pen in hand so that I could give a rundown. I was enamoured of the mother and son duo, thinking of the absolutely hilarious jokes I could make at their expense, given their slightly unnatural relationship and the fact that he looks like a cartoon character. But when 10 minutes was devoted to the mother’s overspend ($3,700 on a splash back), I was out. Horrible show. Just horrible.


I can’t decide whether he is more like Chesty Bond or the dad from The Invicibles.