No MKR Sunday

Just a reminder there’s no Sunday MKR – booooo!!!!
we have to wait til Monday for the Italians V Zana showdown. In SA at least Channel 7 is just playing its Sunday Night current affairs show, then Border Security. Might be time to play catch-up on First Dates instead.

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brain dead dave

I thought , Ch7 must have something special on instead. How wrong I was.

brain dead dave

It sounds quite appealing compared to The Mad World Of Donald Trump on 9.


I ended up watching “Spy” (with Melissa McCarthy) on cable last night instead.

It was mostly pretty funny (and I liked that it spoofed Bond movies in general, particularly since I watched “Spectre” on Saturday night and didn’t much care for it).

That was my night. I missed Jordan.


Ivhad a Silent Witness marathon. 6 Episodes from when Sam is last in up to them offering Emilia Fox a job. I have seen them all before of course, but about 6 or more years ago.

brain dead dave

I watched Doc Martin. Would much rather have had MKR. There’s no excuse Ch 7. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a television network. Should have been ready to rumble.

Been catching up on a lot of true crime on you tube.


I finished my Silent Witness marathon with an ep of 48 hours that I hadn’t seen before. It ws the one where the guy pulled up in a silver bmw and shot another driver in rhe head 4 times for no reason other than to just shoot someone.

Dave, I watched some good, and sad You tube a while back on “Whatever happened to”, and they showed how Alfalfa got killed, and the demise of other old screen greats. I also saw about the Black Dahlia.


Daisy I am another Silent Witness fan and a new series has started on Fox, thank goodness, I was getting tired of repeats.


I have a date with the Lindt Easter Bunny on Sunday. 🐰🐰🐰
But I might make it a Bachelor marathon. Or some other marathon. What do we all think would make a good Sunday night marathon? I haven’t watched this season’s Returned yet. Or we could do Eliza’s Burning Love.