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Watching now.. There’s this old topless waiter with saggy boobs. She is gross! Only wants to get naked for one man now. Good on her!!


The guy with the hat took the word right out of my mouth, they’re all d*cks tonight, except the circus girl and her date. They’re cute.


I’ve recd Eliza but I will hit the hay after IAC.


The girl that likes dogs that gave the guy that likes horses the brush off, did the big bloke a favour.
I nearly fell off my chair when the woman with the boobs walked in, so did the guy she was dating for the night, and when she asked for a wet pussy I think he nearly passed out. I think she might be a bit too hot for you too handle mister, as much as you would love to.
Some of these people are so full of themselves and wonder why they can’t find anyone after fifty odd dates.
Speaking of that American girl who had the fifty odd dates, I can’t believe she wanted to date that guy, he had tickets on himself.
I was surprised he didn’t want to see her again and she didn’t even have kankles!
I felt sorry for the guy that sat there and answered all those questions, he was up for a second date but no she wasn’t interested. I think he got too many wrong answers.
I loved the circus girl and her date. I hope they get to meet up again. It’s a bit hard to meet someone when you are on the road all the time though.


Jo Thornley does a fabulous recap of First Dates. Almost better than watching the real thing. I just don’t know how to put the link up.


I usually read her receap, too. Yours are good as well, Juz!


This was by far my least favourite ep. So many unlikable “characters”.

Totally agree with Gabby, the animal girl saying no to the NT guy surely did do him a favour. I could not understand her at all. The conversation was weird, disjointed and odd at best. Anyone would be quiet around her thinking “what the hell is going on here”.

Topless waiter and date were as creepy as each other – yuk. It is so cool to go out and have a bender the night before your wedding. Boys need to have their fun. Coz they’re peacocks and you gotta let ’em fly!

The bogan Aussie guy with the bogan accent who hates Aussie girls with bogan accents was so… bogan. His date with the American girl was so boring. I loved how she suddenly came up with her “two date rule” to cover her ass at the end there and not lose face haha. It is not too much of a compliment when she says that she’ll say yes to anyone! You know what their goal is in dating you if they are really worried about you living at home.

The hipster douche and his date whose name I cannot remember at all was so dull. If I were that lady, I would have walked out on that date within the first two minutes. I am glad that his date pulled him up on being condescending at the end.

I really loved the circus girl and her date. He was sooo cute! Shame that she moves around so much. They were the night’s cute couple and they nailed it.


I recd it but I might not bother watching now.

brain dead dave

I watched it. It wasn’t so bad when one measures it against today’s B&B episode.

The circus girl looked a keeper.Eliza’s spot on about them.

Daisy really should have a look at the topless waitress and her beau.


Agree with BDD, Daisy, still watch, but prepare to not like the people and weird conversations!


Okeydoke guys. I will watch asap.