Suvivor BBB – episode 2

And it’s back to the beaches of the Brawns, Brains and Beauties for episode 2 of season 32.
Hopefully we’ll see no more of this critter tonight.

Urgh - it's still icky.
Urgh – it’s still icky.

It’s night time and the Brawns are arriving back at their camp, after the tribal council which saw Darnell voted out (and just for the record, everyone of Survivor poos in the ocean – that wasn’t why he was voted it. It’s just that’s how we’ll now remember him). The Brawns try and convince hapless Alecia she had their support all along. She is rightly suss but mostly “really confused at this point”. Her tribemates have earmarked her for an easy elimination next time, it’s easy to see why with comments such as “We almost had an embryo and then it went out” in relation to making fire. Oh, Alecia. I really want you to blitz a puzzle and prove everyone wrong – especially tatts Jason, who refuses to call you by name – but it’s not likely.

Over at Beauty, gardener Tai is back looking for an idol near the dead trees he spotted last week. He glances up and spots a bright yellow package in a hole in another tree. It’s a clue! Sadly not of the variety we saw in Second Chances, which told contestants they had to snatch an idol in the midst of a challenge, leading to nailbiting scenes with the tenacious Kelley Wentworth and eventual winner Jeremy Collins.
No, this clue is simply that the idol is at the foot of the same tree. Um, world’s most boring clue, but I speak too soon – there’s actually another scroll saying Tai needs to use a tool he’s uncovered to reach for a key in another tree, then use it to unlock the box containing the idol. This is convoluted – bring back Second Chances-style idols!
Tai monkey man tries to shimmy his way up a coconut tree and he does well, but he’s not this guy.

Me Ozzy, me half monkey but me never win Survivor.
Me Ozzy, me half monkey but me never win Survivor.

Feet bleeding, Tai realises he needs to bolt before his tribe spots him and try another time. Could this lead to him teaming up with someone else so they can retrieve the idol together?

Over at Brains they are lighting a fire with kero won at the reward challenge. Debbie refuses to drink the boiled water – straight from the well is fine for her as she has a strong constitution. The others are more wary of microscopic parasites (wait till they hear what happened to Jen) and her know-it-all attitude is rubbing some the wrong way. Still, I’m-A-Doctor-Not-Obama comes across as a tool when he does a confessional claiming she’s a crazy cat lady.

Let's hope there's a challenge involving juggling.
Let’s hope there’s a challenge involving juggling.

At Beauty, Caleb and Tai are making an unlikely pairing, with Tai being a protector of all living things and Caleb a country boy hunter type. But Caleb lets little Tai snuggle up for warmth and they tease each other like brothers – it’s fun to watch. Come on, Tai – ask Caleb to help you reach the idol.

The Brains aren’t happy because some of their kero leaked and their matches are wet. Ex-FBI hostage negotiator Joe somehow cops the blame for this because he’s old and he’s finding Lizzie a whiny know it all. He’s happy to drink the water as is. “Pathogens my butt,” he tells her – and I’m having Rudy flashbacks here. Did they not get a flint?
Off by herself, Lizzie is getting teary and feeling the effects of dehydration. Drink the water, Lizzie!

At Brawn they can’t make a fire and Jason is ridiculously sunburnt, even though I know they are given sunscreen. He’s philosophical, though: “I was in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I can live with this.” Alecia tries to redeem herself and spends hours trying to spark the flint while the big boys sleep. And she does it! Go, Alecia! Maybe Jason will stop calling you Blondie.

Come on in, guys – it’s challenge time. Jeff has the orange and white cap on again. It’s one of those elaborate carry a log through water, knock down a target deals.

Hurry, up Jeff.
Hurry up, Jeff.

Reward is fishing gear and a boat; runner up gets a smaller fishing kit.
Brains sit out full-on Debbie; Beauty some blonde named Julia.
Brain quickly fall behind in the log challenge and several times Aubry (who had the mini meltdown last week but then proved herself a puzzle champ) seems to be the only won dragging the 300-pound object through the water – the ice-cream entrepreneur is noticeably hands off, bringing up the rear. Several contestants take hard tumbles climbing through the wooden structure. Eventually, though, they are all pretty even at the end but Beauty takes the win and Brain comes second. Brawn will head back to tribal for the second week in a row and Alecia knows she’s in trouble.
I'm in so much trouble.
I’m in so much trouble.

She heads off into the trees to look for the idol and back at camp NBA player Scot and bounty hunter Jason love to badmouth her for being “dumb”. It’s over the top and contractor Buggsy Jen – who looks to have gotten beaten up in the challenge – is getting sick of it. She has a chat to Alecia about voting out one of the big boys via an all-girls’ alliance. Hmm, dunno if the bodybuilder will go for that but she hasn’t had any screen time today. Alecia is crazy enthusiastic and Jen tries to calm her down “Listen, you’re absent minded as [bleep] and you drive me crazy, but at the same time I also like you. And not only that, this game is also about big moves.”
However, Jason is getting ansty that Jen is chatting to Alecia. Jen starts having second thoughts about turning on her alliance with Scot, and her second thoughts about the all-girls’ alliance are giving Cydney second thoughts about Jen.

At tribal, that bug must have eaten some of Jen’s brain, because she is revealing way too much, lulled into complacency by Jeff. She tries to dig her way out but just makes it so much worse. Alecia doesn’t even have to fight to stay – Jen is doing all the work for her. Jeff is loving how this tribal is going, especially when Jen climbs up on her stump and pleads with her alliance to stay true. I’ve never seen anyone make a literal stump speech at tribal before.
It’s vote time and Jenny is gone.

Bye, Jen - bet that tribal was tougher to watch than the bug incident.
Bye, Jen – bet that tribal was tougher to watch than the bug incident.

Alecia delighted reaction has no doubt already been made into a gif. OMG – is Alecia going to make the team shake-up?

Afterwards the votes are revealed and we see Jen and Scot voted for Alecia, the rest Jen.
I’m hoping that next week Brains or Beauty will lose so we can get to know another tribe better.
Now, let’s see what former players are saying on Twitter:

But Fishy is sticking up for his mate Lizzie:

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Great recap again, Juz. Thank you. 🙂

I guess Mr Buggy must have dug right into Jenny’s brain last week. Because why else would she take a big old shovel with her to TC, dig herself a Jenny size hole, jump on in, then pull all that comfy earth on in on top of her? Whadda moron.

Speaking of morons, my love for Joe didn’t last long. He really thinks it’s okay to drink the water without boiling it? The only season I agreed with that was the one where the water was a fresh running stream. But I digress… Let us now speak of the charming and not at all irritating Debbie. The water expert. Although the federal court didn’t seem to care for her expertise back in 2011…


Well, we don’t actually know whether the water is safe or not. They could have been told it definitely was, in which case it is the other girl becomes a paranoid princess. If she was so distressed about needing the fire to boil the water, why wasn’t she in there making the fire herself? Nobody else seemed concerned about the water. I guess they will never tell us for certain.


I think Jen’s final straw was lying about the flip being Alecia’s (spelt like alopecia???) idea. Both Alecia and Cydney (ahh, another awful old man’s name used for a girl, always makes me think of Sid James) knew that was untrue, and Jen knew that they knew – that’s two votes against you already.
I would have liked to see crass Jason go, too, but I’m warming to Scot. He seems to have some integrity.


It is the real danger of forming alliances in the first two days. You can’t actually judge someone, and then you are stuck (like Scot now is) aligned to someone who doesn’t share the same values. I suppose the producers are aiming for this effect by dividing the groups by stereotype and tricking them into thinking that because those five people are all ‘brawn’ or are all ‘brain’ that you will immediately trust each other. Look at how they automatically turn on the perceived outsider such as Tai and Alecia.


Ha ha. Just started watching. Debbie; “Just ’cause I can do everything, it doesn’t mean e everyone else can, or should”.


Thanks for the great recap Juz.
I can’t believe how difficult they made the idols to get this season. That tree was huge, Tai did well to get up as far as he did. How did they not notice his banged up feet & chest. He was bleeding & no one noticed.
That guy was as bad as Cochran, he got badly burnt too. They are given sunscreen so don’t know how these people manage to get so sunburnt.
There was a lot of talk on Twitter that the water in the well was clean, unlike the earlier seasons where it wasn’t.
Good on Alicia for spending 5 fucking hours making fire while the others just lay around on their arses. THAT is persistence.
Thank God there were no bugs in ears this week.
Caleb was on Big Brother over there & from some of the comments he wasn’t very nice but so far he seems ok on this. Maybe he watched some of the footage & cleaned up his act.
Apparently the first medivac is in ep 4.


Jason seems to be trying to prove he is tough by enduring his sunburn. He doesn’t realise he is actually saying is ‘I’m so dumb, I don’t know that the best way to survive is keep myself as healthy as possible’. It could be interpreted as letting your team down if you have self-inflicted pain that influences your performance in challenges.


Ugh, Cochran. Those were two season I pretty much had to stop watching because he drove me so crazy. And when I heard he won…! I very nearly did some serious damage to myself.

And yes, from what I’ve read about Caleb, he has been surprisingly nice so far. Quite the sweetie in fact. As long as he keeps it up, I hope he goes all the way.

*Trying not to think about the medevacs*


I didn’t like sneaky, slimey Cochrane either, Rosie.


OKG I just watched. Thanks Juz for the recap.
Now that would have to be the biggest tribal blooper. First she is flip flopping all over the beach like a beached blowie, but then she cecides to say, “Hey guys, you can’t rely on me. I have already been flip flopping”. And both girls knew she was lying about it too. Wow, worst Survivor play ever. Even worse than when that blond guy handed over his idol then got voted out.

And the two big, brawners were being wankers laying around saying “She’s so stupid” about Alicia after she lit a fire. It looks like they were the stupid ones being complacent about their game.


I’ve just seen a boot list for this season, and I’m going to spill the eventual winner. On the boot list, that is.

It’s okay, you’re not going to all hate me for posting a massive spoiler, because according to the twit who posted this boot list, the eventual winner is (drum roll)………………..JENNIFER! 😆


It’s blue! It’s blue!

Well done, Mr IT Sidekick, sir!