Site maintenance

Hi Talking TVers, IT Sidekick has to do some work on the site tonight so we can move it to a new host, as our current one can’t cope with its popularity.
If the colour bar at the top your Talking TV page is black you are still on the old site. You should still be able to comment BUT your comments may be lost in the migration to the new site.
If, however, you get a blue Talking TV bar at the top of the page, you are on the new site and can comment away.
The transition from old to new depends on your internet provider, but you should all have the new, “blue” site in time for Sunday night TV chat.
Cheers – Admin Juz

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I’m all blue, baby! Congrats on being so popular!


Bing bong. That was easy. 😊

brain dead dave

I did have some probs logging on again but that was my fault and I had to check that the poll was working so I voted for Pete Evans. I already voted for Rachel.


Yay I am blue !!!! But in a good way.