New TV channel

Channel 7 has finally released deets of its new digital channel, 76. To be known as 7Flix, it promises big movies and big shows.
On the promo we see snippets of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, so that’s Shondaland covered, Once Upon a Time, Seinfeld, Amazing Race (hopefully in a timely fashion), The Muppets and movies like Pitch Perfect, Pretty Woman, Frozen and Coyote Ugly. Oh, and The Mindy Project is there, which is exciting for me but I think only three other people in Australia watch it, and one of those is Mr Juz.
So they’ve thrown everything at the wall and will see what sticks.
It launches Sunday, February 28.

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Is regional Australia getting it? I am still hanging out for 9Life here.


Ohh I don’t mind The Mindy Project! It’s another one of those shows that sporadically pops up on TV and could easily be on in place of some shows with a decent and consistent time slot. You could always watch it online 😉 That is what I do with Once Upon a Time on this awesome site that uploads things asap. If I didn’t watch that way, by now I would have been left with no idea what was going on since ch7/72 stopped showing it ages ago!


Oh knows, have they really been able to? I did the Netflix free trial for the month and used a free unblocker to get the US version. Aus version has nothing on it to make it of any worth.. Have no idea why they haven’t just worked out some global copyright think by now.. You want something? Sure, just pay for it and you can have it. So many restrictions with Foxtel owning this and FTA owing that… blah blah blah!


I’m regional and have 9Life (that is, when I can get reception at all, the digital signal here sucks).

You’re not missing much, unless you’re obsessed with home reno shows. I’ve watched the odd episode of Top Chef US and that’s it.


I’m watching the US Bachelor on 9Life!


what time and night is it on Izzy? We have just got 9 life now finally now that its down to the final episode!
But I’ve been watching on the laptop. I felt sorry for Caila, she was so confident wasn’t she? Its a bit callous how he gets their hopes up and lets them go. Hope he finds what he’s looking for. Do you know if the after rose ceremony will be on straight after the final episode?

stephen mills

I live in Newcastle area nsw and I hope we will be getting 7FLIX in the near future .Checked 7 flix program schedule there are some great old classic shows which would be great to see.