MKR – Wed, Feb 24

A teaser from The Fass for tonight’s show. I won’t be recapping tonight but if anyone has time, please go ahead! Otherwise I’ll catch up at the weekend.
And if you can’t get enough of The Khoo, catch her over at SBS later in the week.

No recap but here are are some dish pix.

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I’m in the West so does the absence of comments mean “Don’t bother watching” because Dad’s cooking is worse than his jokes or should I watch for some good theatre behind the scenes?


I’m a bit torn on Tarq’s dad. On the one hand, the jokes are cringe-inducingly awful. OTOH, at least it’s personality (that this batch of contestants seems to be lacking).

brain dead dave

The worst one was about “caning” the sugar cane/ prawn entree

The old bugger should have been “caned ” for that one.

brain dead dave

Dad’s cooking is much better than his jokes. It’s worth watching and there’s some drama , too.

They fooled the judges with the dessert, too.


This is off topic from tonight’s show (sorry), but hey, it’s in the west! I don’t know how many of you – if any – have been following the saga of former MKR creatures Chloe and Kelly and their rather spiteful “restaurant review”, but I thought you’d like to know the paper has now sacked them. Story here:

brain dead dave

She with the jaws and the shit hot mining job and forty two countries stamped on her passport has her credit card declined. How embarrassing.


And a boyfriend who didnt volunteer to pay with his credit card to help out.

brain dead dave

Kelly must have learned a bit about avoiding paying bills from Pete Evans. MKR mentoring at work, gice.

Someone please vote for Pete on the dinner poll before hell freezes over.


Well, it’s good to know that as the years pass, they’re still awful, self-obsessed and full of themselves.


Haha… I forgot about the 42 countries. What a stupid B*+^h. How did they ever get a job like that anyway? I’m glad they got the boot.
Thanks for the link Rosie.


But wow, Lauren and Carmine have gone downhill after they left a halfway decent impression on the screen last night.

And the promos for Sunday night make them look even worse. Geez, kids. You cooked some bad food. Deal with it.


Gees, Lauren makes Jess look like an angel. What a bitch!

brain dead dave

It gets easier to understand how Jessica was jettisoned when the producers knew that they had Lauren and Up Yours waiting to get off the chain. We ain’t seed nuffin’ yet…til the crass concreter and his bitch showed up.

That was a pretty mean score they dished out when really all you could fault the two blokes tonight for was the untidy kitchen and as usual ,hands all over the food. I know youse wear thongs in FNQ but have youse heard of tongs?

Oh, yeah, dig Chops eating off his knife. Thanks Sara.


Speaking of Chops…he wondered what the Google Stalker would find on him…that maybe he’s a wolverine?


Perhaps he wasn’t eating off his knife but eating with his “fingers”. At least he shows a modicum of manners towards the other guests and his hosts.


Must have borrowed them from Carmine & Lauren…shamefully, the knives are well and truly out.


Oh no. I just tuned in to the end and after I was nearly blinded by the Hawaiian shorts in the kitsch..en, I had the shock of some werewolf/apeman at the table. Faaar out. So that’s what you meant by chops. That is boodly hideous. Owwooooooo.

You said it Dave. Woolverine X 100.


Wow, Dad & Tarq actually did some decent food. I was impressed with their rotis, I can never get them right.

Yes, Jess pales next to the concreter’s bitch…. she’s a real piece of work. Hopefully their not-eating stunt next episode was staged. It’s such a juvenile thing to do, I’d like to believe they were following orders there.


Finally caught up on the episodes although did fast forward through several. Jessica was bad but Lauren is definitely worse. There’s that saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” In this case it’s “Hell hath no fury like a Lauren scored lower than she thought they deserved.” The guests just did not like the food and the main was inedible. What did she expect? Interesting to see if her & Carmine actually don’t eat anything as per the preview. Their scoring of others will probably continue to be low. Dad and golfer son definitely should have been scored higher than a 5 for their food. Now if they were scoring Dad’s jokes I could understand a score lower than 5.

Am enjoying the addition of Rachel Khoo as a judge.


I hope the teams don’t spend the remaining 3 rounds being too passive-aggressive to say anything about it. I could see the step-mum/step-daughter just awkwardly changing the subject, and Eve/chops just looking out the window and pretending to be somewhere else. But you’d think Dee (who hates everyone and everything) would have the stones to actually point out their attitude.

Now I’m thinking about strategic scoring. Are the teams gonna go in to the final round thinking, “what’s the lowest minimum we can give *this* team, so that Lauren and Carmine still get ousted?” That’s maths that I’d be doing. And I kinda feel for Rachel if *this* is her welcome to Australia, at that.


Firstly the father and son CAN COOK!! hallelujah a team that can cook… I wonder how many tips the dad picked up from the hotel chefs in his time… it shows.. and the knife skills on the son shows he is no slouch either.

Now for Lauren and her puppet…. time for MKR to stop selecting married teams where you have a husband who actually is nothing but a yes man. Now if the puppet can seriously say again he hates pineapple after eating that whole dessert? Can he honestly say that grilling zuchinni, making ricotta, stuffing up seafood and spaghetti and soaking a bit of butter enriched dough in a rum syrup was more complicated then what the father/son dished up?… Get off your high horse!

I think the refusal to eat definitely is Lauren’s doing… probably punishment for him wolfing down the whole 3 delicious courses produced by the dad/son.


Comment from review by re Colin’s criticism of the Lamb Saag:
“There was a little bit of grizzle”. Typo, of course, but maybe he had Lauren in mind.

All happening

I enjoyed Colin having a go at lauren and putting her in the hot seat. on sunrise this morning she and he who has no balls were still going on about there meal being better. She has to be a plant surely. Nobody could be that nasty and stupid.


Gee Rachel Khoo is pretty.
I love the new judging team.
I’m thinking maybe Lauren has a hair on her plate or something like that, for her reason not to eat the meal tonight.
Father Son dinner looked fab!


I noticed Chops licking his knife, what is it with these people, have they never been taught table manners?
Well I wouldn’t want to invite Lauren to a dinner party, talk about creating an atmosphere. I am also pleased Colin didn’t let her off with it. If it had been Manu and Pete, they would have sat there like stunned mullets.
Izobel, I agree Rachel is pretty, it’s nice to have her at the table.
That beautiful first two dishes the guys dished up along with all the delicious accompaniments could in no way be compared to the entree and main Lauren and idiot-head dished up. They are just acting like idiots now and don’t deserve to be around for the series. Bad losers.


Surely the producers can’t be so smart to know Lauren will behave that badly that they made her cook second so we could watch the bitchyness and nastiness coming out.

No point saying your dishes are more technical but you can execute them right.

With the spaghetti and seafood in a parcel. They could have just cooking everything separately and just wrapped them up in parcels before serving.

I want to see Dee give it to Carmine and Lauren.


Presumably just good luck for the producers. It is a nice change from them automatically making the nasty ones cook last. We are seeing a totally different dynamic from the standard storyline of “can they walk the walk?”.


Hey, I see someone finally felt sufficiently sorry for Pete to vote for him. Well done, that kind person.


It was Dave. He voted Rachel last time.

brain dead dave

Bugger. He’s got two votes now. I’m happy for Juz to remove my vote for Pete (as there was no “love”, it wasn’t from the heart and all that jazz), ‘cos I just wanted to see if the Poll was working. At that moment no one had any votes. Of course, I’d already voted for Rachel.

brain dead dave

Salmon Croquet? Come on!.


3 hours from entree to mains. Holy smokes


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