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My goodness, why isn’t Val home chatting up old men on the internet and marrying 30yr old men from Nairobi, who she can spoil instead of camping in the jungle.


I think IAC would be better with less schtick from the hosts. I wonder how many people watch IAC for Julia and Chris. They are ff fodder.


I just cant bring myself to watch the hosts. Julia Morris was funny on her own but this over sexing on Chris is getting stale. If it was the reverse, the wgole SM will have a meltdown!!


When their regular let’s all bitch about Laurina started tonight, I noticed Bonnie not so innocently fanning the flames. She acts sweet, but she encourages their snide
remarks. They are horrible. When a kid starts at school who is socially awkward and therefore not well liked, I would never tolerate that kind of victimization of them.


I have realiy struggled with Julia more so than Chris, this season, I’m pleased to see that Chris is “giving it back” to Julia just as much as he is getting this year. Sometimes, i think we see more of them, than we do the celebs.

Feel like the Trick or Treat challenge was a bit tough last night, the stuff was cooked before they even got back to camp! And rude of Shane to tell them all off for still trying to work out the puzzle. Good on Laurina for just going off by herself quietly and working it out.


Woolif is really, really quick with maths so I thought he would solve that puzzle in a couple of seconds but it was a brain teaser for him too. Laurina was smarter than I thought anyone of them would be.


The bullying is still continuing, look how Brendan went into the tok tok thing and whinged that he didn’t want Laurina sleeping near him and he wished he could tell her to F… off! I’ve gone right off him now. And Anthony refusing to talk to her while they collect wood as if she’s beneath him ! How arrogant, and how mean. They are all in there together and must learn to get on!


I bet you liked how Dean is feeling comassion for her. I did. He’s a gentleman.

Whatever his opinion on gun ownership, he does less shooting down than most of them. He doesn’t even join in like Paul by laughing along. You can read his expression. I wonder if Havana is not wanting to break from the group. No one yet, seems to have said, “enough”. I wonder if we will see anyone of them saying, “Can we stop with the Laurina bashing”.
Estelle in BB lacked social skills too, but she soon won fans as the group designated whipping boy. Likewise most of my support for Laurina is not so much based on what she is like, but on how the others are responding to her. Surely they are mature enough to understand their pack mentality. Perhaps not.
But as with Estelle in BB, I am surprised that Laurina hasn’t crumbled under the pressure if not having a friend or supporter in the camp.

I can’t wait for the Laurina interview.


Aren’t the contestants allowed to dislike each other?


Sure they are. I guess it’s how you go about that.

All happening

Of cause producers are only going to cut and paste little bits of complaints by contestants making whoever they want look bad. It seems to me that it is ok for Laurina to be obnoxious and annoy people but the others don’t have the right to say no this is not all right. Double standards showing up.


People are allowed to dislike each other but I think when you are in a situation like this you could all respect each other and not gang up on one person for the short time you are having this experience.
If you don’t like someone, you just steer clear.


Did I miss something… thought Chief was a vegetarian… I realist that KFC isn’t really chicken.. .but he looked like he ate a whole bucket.


Thinking the same thing hewho.


Hmmm yeah makes me think he’s been a bit strategic… he says he’s vegetarian to ensure that he gets palatable food (no ostrich necks and such) and also when he had that “dizzy” spell he was able to scoff down some protein bars..

You know like when you fly it’s always safe to order the vegetarian meal…


He described himself as pescatarian at the start, which is vegetarian but still eating fish, but I think he eats chicken, too. Just not red meat.

brain dead dave

I wrote that “Beautiful Rind ” gag maybe eight years ago into a blog at the Daily Telegraph. Sorry, Doc.