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Ha ha. I thougjt Laurina was dry retching because she tried to eat something, but she only looked at the puckered pig’s bum.

BTW, I reckon the poll would be different now. I think Warnie might have dropped a place or three. Also there is a difference between who you like and who you think might win. I hope Laurina can manage to eat something, but I think that might be my boundary too. I would rather climb a tower or swim with crocs and snakes. The pigs anus looks a tiny bit like a dried fig so perhaps if they use their imagination. ..


I thought they both did very well & don’t blame them for drawing the line at pig’s arse & testicles. It’s good to see that they seem to be friends now. Let’s hope it lasts.
Those baby rhino’s were so cute.


OMG, just watching the start. Laurina must feel that she is walking on egg shells. Anthony storms off instead of walking with her. She’s not allowed to say “fart”. Give the girl a rest. Fart, fart, fart, fart.
I think some(Dean and Havana) are aware of the constant picking on every little thing Laurina does, like she has pick on me on her forehead. It is clearly getting old.


Imagine if it was Laurina instead of Bonnie wearing other people’s undies and taking their things. No, it’s not Laurina doing it, therefore it’s just funny.

Oh look. The Doktahhh just said the same thing.


Well, that’s the it crumbles when you set yourself up with that image right at the start.

It was telling that they all expected JB to have to baby Laurina through the challenge. Those things to each were nowhere near as bad as the ones in the earlier challenges where they includedoff milk and internal organs. Minced hooves with sheep brains – nearly all minced meat tastes fine, and many people love the taste of brains.

All the talk of retaining ‘dignity’ showed that she does not have any. A dignified person would have attempted all the foods without fuss. Sorry, cannot feel any of the love here for the princess.


It’s not that I like Laurina, as much as I dislike the way some in the camp just keep, hammering her. No one in there is especially likeable.

All happening

Thank goodness you have come to join me in not liking Laurina, Fijane. She really is a self centred young woman.


I didn’t notice JB giving her any encouragement but they probably cut that out.
JB certainly made a point of telling Shane how much encouragement she gave her though.
I also am hoping this is the end of whatever was going on between those girls and if JB gets on with Laurina hopefully the others will start to go easy as well.

As for Warnie he did his dash last night with that talk about farting and ladies should be ladies.
What about a man being a gentleman and a loyal, loving husband?
The day that he learns to treat a lady especially his wife the way she should be treated, maybe then I will listen to him.
After the way he cheated over and over again on his wife and then tells us how he wants his women to be, you can go to hell and back Mr. Warne.

Bring on some intruders!


If they don’t omit Anthony next I’ll scream…

Still hoping Fev, Bea-Smith (Val) or even Laurina win.

Noticed Laurina is in the in cinema Gold Class Ad’s for Village…


Warnie was showing his chauvanism. Only men are allowed to say fart….and cheat on their wives. It looks like Shane couldn’t hold it together to show Australia what a great guy he is. Bonnie takes people’s things continually, that’s funny. Laurina doesn’t put community tweezers back. Not funny.
Don’t get me wrong, I hate people not putting things back where they go, but it just seems like (as Doctor Phil would say) the “designated” Pigsy in the camp.
If they were left there for a month without food, she would be the first one they would eat.