If You Are the One Australian Special

It’s almost here! I know some of you are fans of this bizarre yet addictive Chinese dating show.

And a link to an interview with one of the contestants.


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Where the hell is Doctor T. I know he got sick of this but I think it’s worth joining for these eps. I miss the other bald guy who used to be on.

BTW, it’s a scorcher here in WA and looking to be a sizzling hot week. Love it.


OH EM GEEEE! This will be fun! I think that half the fun of the Chinese version though is how picky they are and how weird their choices often are!


I am impressed with these girls’ and guys’ Mandarin, especially the Italian Aussie girl. My friend is full blood Chinese and can’t speak a word of Mandarin yet many of these people who have lived in Australia all or most of their lives, are fluent. Well to my ears. Their families id a great job of making sure their children kept their native tongue.


Those from China , Korea or Japanese usually speak thier mother tongue at home. Also the condition for selection is to be able to speak Chinese.

There are also many immigrants who have been in Australia for yonks who cant speak English. Not acceptable.


I totally forgot! Watched last week’s Molly we had recorded. I will find it online/a replay somewhere!