First Dates to air on Seven

Yet another reality shows kicks off this week. First Dates premieres on Channel at 9pm Wednesday, February 3. Will it get lost in the flood of other shows which have already built up loyal audiences?
The blurb on Yahoo7 says:
Be there for every awkward, hilarious and heart-warming moment of lovelorn Aussies on blind dates with the premiere of First Dates – Wednesday, Feb 3 at 9pm, hosted by Sam Mac. In Channel Seven’s new fly-on-the-wall dating show real people go on blind dates in a restaurant with a unique twist.
There’s someone out there for everyone, and when the First Dates restaurant sets the table, hopeful singles from across the country will have a chance of meeting their dream partner.
Our daters have been brought together according to their likes and dislikes by First Dates’ team of matchmakers. They’ve turned their backs on online dating in the hope of meeting someone special face-to-face, and they’ll meet their potential love match for the very first time in the restaurant.
Cameras controlled remotely record the date from start to finish – from first impressions, through all the awkward, heart-warming and funny moments, to the end of the meal and the discussion about whether or not a second date is on the cards.
For some pairings, it’ll be their first and last date. For others, it might just be the beginning of a lifelong relationship. What happens next is up to them!
First Dates allows us to observe human behaviour in its purest form. This is a series about people’s lives, their stories, the diversity of a country – these factors are played out through the prism of dating and the universal feeling of wanting to love and be loved.
The series is warm, kind and generous, and served with a good dollop of humour.

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This show has its hilarious moments and some lovely people that you would like to see find love and then …..
there’s the ones who totally give you the creeps!

brain dead dave

Like the creep who wouldn’t give that gel a straight answer to a single question…..but of course, she’ll see him again.


Yep that’s the one I was talking about in comment 2. She said smooth, I say sleazy.


Eeeeewwww there is this really creepy guy and the woman said yes. I say RUN!!!


I htink there’s a good chance it not a long term proposition. The text at the end was a bit funny.


At least a second date with the type A crazy was avoided.


I am just watching this now.. this is hilarious!

Ugggg the sleazy talk too close to your face guy! He is revolting. I gag when he is on screen.. “tell me something.. something small.. stop! Stop right there, that’s enough” after she says… “I love dancing to house music”. Ohh sooooo creepy but she does look like the type of woman who is into those smooth sweet talkers.

Not into the model.. he doesn’t grab me. Boring and I can’t stop staring at his nose..

Oh gosh.. creepy “mysterious” guy is back.. JUST GIVE THE WOMAN AN ANSWER! Oh my gosh.. he is a psycho! Horrible! How is she still there?? “Intrigued” ?? Ok, she has issues.. I just want to punch him.

I am LOVING shirt guy.. LOVE IT! He is the best.. I just laugh at him. Great!

Ok so I am empathising with crazy cat lady… same age? TICK.. has imagined herself dying with 10 cats eating her.. TICK.. health conscious and obsessive exerciser.. TICK.. but I would NOT ask the waiter what is in something and about the calories.. You’re out for dinner.. enjoy it! It’s like she is trying to make him hate her.. LEAVE THE BUTTER ALONE!

Sorry, I am too into this!


Don’t think the model guy could spark with anyone.. he just says “yeah” a lot.


Oh damn. It did get lost. I was catching up on IAC and SVU. Ididn’t even notice this one. Aaaaah. There is too much on.


That’s sad. Watch it next week.. comes on straight after MKR on Tuesday. It was funny and cringe-worthy!


OK. ????