Catch-up TV – First Dates, episode 2

Time for Friday night vegie TV while we collapse on the couch, so let’s catch up on First Dates, the new show from Channel 7. This is the one reality show from the current crop I’ve been able to rope Mr Juz aka IT Sidekick into, so let’s see what he thinks of episode 2.

First up is flight attendant/Lebanese beauty queen Deedee, 24, looking smoking in a lacy playsuit. Last week we kicked off with the hot couple (Model and Island Girl), too, so let’s see what her date is like. It’s Sean, 26, sales exec, and he seem like a fairly normal, nice bloke. He’s a bit nervy but happy she’s “hot”.

Legs forever ... and her nice bloke date.
Legs forever … and her nice bloke date.


Date 2 is Stephanie, 24, in a not flattering white crop top and skirt. She loves makeup – lots of it – but at home in Melbourne is seen as “one of the boys”, so is stoked to on the show.

Steph rocks up.
Steph rocks up.

Date Jordan is a tradie/slash topless waiter and he loves the gym waaaay too much. He looks like a hitman for the Russian mafia.

Will Jordan fit through the First Dates door?
Will Jordan fit through the First Dates door, where he’ll be greeted by a maitre d’ who looks like Ben Linus from Lost?


Of his second job: “It’s a good laugh. I have received a black eye once, though, from being hit with a female sex toy.”

At date 1 Sean is still blinded by Deedee’s beauty and, really, nothing much happens of note on their date but they seem perfectly pleasant.

At date 2, when Stephanie learns of the topless waitering gig she spits out her champagne just a little. You can tell she’s going to be the highlight of this episode, because it’s possible she had a good, long look at the mini bar of the hotel Channel 7 put her up in. Just maybe.

Mr Juz: Is she stoned?

Date 3 arrives: It’s Donna, 52, from NSW, who is back on the scene after 13 years of marriage and rates herself as a kisser. “I like sex, I”m not gonna lie. I’d like to meet someone I want to meet in the bedroom every night.”

Donna is back on the market and Tony is looking good for 62.
Donna is back on the market and Tony is looking good for 62.


She notes her date is late, but methinks they’re holding him at bay in the hope she’ll down more champers. Her date, Tony, arrives. He’s 62 but looks a bit younger and wants a lady with a good libido. Donna does her piece to camera and says if the moment is right she’s a goer for first date bedroom gymnastics. Hmm, this could be a good match.

Mr Juz: I’m not really watching. She seems a bit randy.

At date 2 Stephanie is nonplussed at the fanciness of the menu. Surely Muscles will get the steak, as he looks like a meat-only washed-down-with-10-raw-egg-whites kinda guy.

Over at date 3, both Donna and Tony order oysters. Could they be any more obvious?

But back to the interesting table … Stephanie orders the risotto and lists all the ingredients she can pronounce, ending with “chives 18”. Muscles points out that 18  is in fact the price of the dish. Oh dear, Steph. And yes, he orders the steak. Then she has a go at him for having “tood” towards her in front of the waiter. Waiter Terry approaches again carrying bread and olive oil and Steph is obviously used to Tiptop and marg, because she languidly asks: “What is this you are presenting us with?”. Muscles explains how to eat bread.

This is bread.
This is bread. People eat it at restaurants.

Mr Juz: She’s more than drunk.

Date 4 carpenter Chris, 23, arrives. He’s just come out of a long relationship and is a handsome young fella. Tassie salesgirl Hayley arrives (she looks a bit like the doe-eyed Hayley character from Modern Family) and she’s in a lacy green halter and short shorts combo with a giant flower in her hair. I reckon they’ll get on.

Mr Juz: [Discussing the outfit as she sits on a stool] She looks like she’s about to show us her dinner, though.

Cute little Hayley and a nervous carpenter Chris.
Cute little Hayley and a nervous carpenter Chris.


Hayley is a big talker and Chris likes that she’s into the outdoors, as one day he wants to move home to the bush. She also wants to leave Tassie for the bright lights of Sydney, which is where he now lives. This bodes well.

Darn, I’ve forgotten the name of the older lady.

Mr Juz: “It’s Tits McGee.” The couple discuss healthy eating and being good, and he opines “A bad girl is even better.” It’s a bit smooth but nowhere near as bad as Fritzl Chris from last episode.

At Muscles and Star of Tonight’s Show’s date, he is antagonising her like an older brother. Uh oh – she has the same birthday as his ex, so she replies with a quick: “When’s your birthday? Oh yeah, my dog died on that day.” Maybe being really, really laidback and having a dry sense of humour makes it look as through you’ve downed the mini bar.

In the ad break they are flogging the next season, seeking lovelorn contestants  .. Anyone want to apply?

Lauren aka Crazy Eyes (the one who asked how much butter was in the herbed butter) from episode one is back for another go, and it’s date 5 for this episode. This time she doesn’t want to have to do “all the heavy lifting” in the conversation. Her date is entrepreneur Alan, 26, and he’s a little quirky in a slightly nerdy way. But it’s always a worry when you ask someone what they do and they can’t tell you.

Crazy Eyes, take a breath and meet Entrepreneur. No, we don't know what he does, either.
Crazy Eyes, take a breath and meet Entrepreneur. No, we don’t know what he does, either.

At date 4 the young couple are bonding over their love of pancakes and the carpenter tries to impress the naive Tassie chick by boasting there is a 24-hour pancake place in Sydney. “I don’t believe you,” says Hayley, and is then told it’s only five minutes from where they are. So, pancakes after filming stops?

OMG - you can get pancakes outside of Hobart!
OMG – you can get pancakes outside of Hobart!

In the confessional, mature lady Donna is feeling the effect of the espresso martini, doing her best Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally impression. Ummm, please tell me she does not have kids, otherwise they just died of embarrassment.

So, would she like a second date with Tony, who’s definitely keen? She does the “you’re a lovely guy, but …” Awww, poor Tone.

I secretly want a younger man - can Cougar from MKR hook me up?
I secretly want a younger man – can Cougar from MKR hook me up?

At Crazy Eyes’ date, she likes that she he has his own company and is speaking really fast to show just how much she likes that. But unlike her last date, she is letting him get in a few words i and seems to be listening.

Meanwhile, Steph is sharing her hobbies with Muscles, saying she is a great rollerblading and likes to sing. They discover a mutual passion for karaoke and she guesses what his go-to song would be: “Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer.”

The carpenter and Hayley are feeding each other food and they are rather cute together.

Mr Juz: “There’s a spark there.”

At date 1 they are talking about past loves, so we get the serious piano music. He wants to see the hostie/beauty queen again (and he pays for dinner). “Definitely the best date I’ve been on in a while,” he says, out of earshot. Do they want a second date? The producer must have have asked “What are you doing after?”, because the normal guy replies: “I’m going to date her, I think. Is that too forward?” She thinks it’s funny and hands over her phone number.

Nice teeth, too.
Nice teeth, too.

Crazy Eyes’ date provocatively rubs his huge butter pat into his steak (for those of you who didn’t watch last week, she doesn’t do butter and gets up at 5am every day to work out).

Look upon my tasty butter.
Look upon my tasty butter.

“I’m not dealing; you’re giving me anxiety,” she says, not looking at the scotch fillet. However, she is calming down now and realising she can’t tick all the boxes on her list. Actually, the food here looks pretty good. Is this a real restaurant?

At date 4 they are both scared to speak but eventually confess both would like to go on a second date. They leave hand in hand, off to get the pancakes, and it looks like a move to Sydney is on the cards for the teeny Tassie girl.

Come on, Short Stack. Let's meet each other's parents.
Come on, Short Stack. Let’s meet each other’s parents.

Mr Juz: “She’s got that doe-eyed, Bambi thing about her.”

Steph is confessing to Muscles that she is addicted to wearing makeup, but he likes that she takes care in her appearance.

Crazy Eyes goes to the loo to phone a friend for help, because Entrepreneur is intriguing her (he certainly has a lot more confidence than nice-but-five-year planless Corbin from last week), but he’s not the hottie she wanted. She confesses: “I’m lost for words and I’ve never been lost for words my whole entire life.” She is much calmer than last week – getting used t0 the cameras, finally.

Mr Juz thinks she’ll get a second date.

Muscles and Steph are ordering dessert and she doesn’t know what a chocolate fondant is … Or a ramekin … Does she not watch MasterChef or MKR? He tells her to close her eyes while he explains how a fondant works. Ok, I like that they both don’t take themselves too seriously.

Steph: “He seems like the kind of guy that would definitely treat a girl quite well.” He grabs the bill.

So, would they like a second date? She makes him answer first, for fear of rejection. He says “probably not” and does not soften the blow until prompted. Guess he wants a girlfriend who’s into working out, too. Steph is sad. Prompted, he says they didn’t have a spark. But at the end they go off in search of a karaoke bar, determined to make they best of a night away in Sydney on Channel 7’s dime.

Do you know Blaze of Glory?
Do you know Blaze of Glory?

Mr Juz: They probably still hooked up.

Crazy Eyes’s date gets the bill and half-jokingly asks for a tax copy to claim it as a business expense, but she is quite relaxed and laughs. He wants to see her again but I’m worried she’s going to say no because he doesn’t meet her strict criteria

Do they want a second date? He assertively goes first: they had a lot of fun and should do it again.

The Crazy Whisperer.
The Crazy Whisperer.

She says they may turn out be great friends or something more: “I’d definitely  like to see you again.” Good on you, Lauren. Then, to reassert her dominance she rips the red pocket square from his pocket and throws it on the ground, to his amusement, and the expresses her fear he is a secret bow tie wearer. Relaxed Crazy Eyes has a sense of humour!

Time for the “where are they now?” Crazy Eyes has not gone on a second date with him yet. Steph will be back for another episode. Date no. 1 “shared a kiss … but not a second date”. The cute young couple “went for pancakes … and they’re still sharing desserts” – accompanied by pictures of them on other dates and pashing. Yay!!!

Mr Juz’s summary: “I’m pleased the Modern Family chick (that’s young Hayley) obviously found what she was looking for.”

And here’s a link to a story about their true love

And that’s a wrap. If you haven’t already, give First Dates a go. You can catch up at Yahoo 7 or it’s being repeated really late Saturday night (Feb 13).

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I don’t watch that show but I really enjoyed your recap Juz. Thanks very much. I may tune in next week or then again I may just read about it here!


Agh! Forgot to watch! Will read the recap and comment later Juz, thanks for your grand effort !


Ha ha, thanks Juz and Mr Juz. I said some of this on the previous thread but my take:
Deedee was attractive but she could bite an apple in half in one go. And her date is so meek that she might even eat his head like a spider eats it’s mate.

Jordan reminds me of a certain animal. I have finally realized it’s a guinea pig. But he impressed me with how decent and gracious he was toward Stephanie. I think they will keep bringing Stephanie back because she is the Honey Boo Boo of dating TV. Eliza Dolittle had more class. Still Jordan could have offered Stephanie help with her sit ups, and squats. A few gym sessions wouldn’t have gone astray.
Donna; another one with no class. Donna, when you are on heat, you do not need to tell everyone. Eeeewww. Tony didn’t do much better listing good libido on his list of criteria. What is wrong with these people?

Hayley was keen, but she and Chris were okay. My guess is Hayley hasn’t learnt to hold back to keep a man’s interest.

Lauren will give the red headed guy the flick. She wasn’t reading between the lines when he said entrepeneur. I was hearing failed entrepeneur, and I don’t think that will suit the hanky thrower.

BTW Stephanie reminds me of the short girl, I think her name was Rebekah, from When Love Comes to Town. The one who pashed the guy at the ten pin bowling alley.

Juz, Mr Juz is not the only hubby who is into this. Woolif and I will both be following. And thanks for the fun recap.
I just hope the dates don’t read our lampooning. ????


I am a massive sucker for these shows.. Nice recap again, Juz and loving the Mr Juz side comments. Always find a man’s POV interesting, so keep it coming! I used to watch The Bach with my bro, but he is married and out of here.

I too made my comments on this ep on the previous thread. Just. Can’t. Help. Myself.

I will add, I was reading.. Jo thingymabob’s (who is journalist) recap of this and she too made comment about how inappropriate the (im)mature couple were. She was gross and so was he! Then other (im)mature people were having a go at her about being ageist and how dare older people talk about sex. Obviously they did not watch the show. No one, not matter their age, should carry on like they did!

Hayley does look like Hayley from Modern Family! Good observation. I am not usually a real fan of the doe-eyed, pretending to be innocent as pie, dressing like a …. type who complain about being with the “wrong” guys. All our RTV romance hopes are not just pegged on Sasha and Sam anymore. Please don’t break up, guys!

Looking forward to Stephanie’s return!


First date chatters, I won’t get a chance to watch this week’s ep until tonight so I will be back to swap comments then.


I finally got to watch this week’s, ep 3 of 1st Dates.
Mikaela and Luke were a cute couple. Clearly, Lani was dreadful with her over-rehearsed flirting. Yuk!
The older couple were myeh. What’s with all the 1st date slutty talk from the ‘oldies’ on this show. I would leave my boobs off the table, and table talk until a few more dates.
Stephie just needs to come back and apply when Aus Ladette to Lady is reshot. My goodness that girl is a zircon on the rough. She would also be good in a make over show because you can see; lose the weight, get braces and do a grooming and deportment course with some general knowledge classes, and she easily pass muster.
Next week, I will be watching to see how many know how to hold cutlery and chew with their mouths closed. They must be doing OK because I haven’t noticed.


Hi Daisy! I wasn’t sure if I should comment here or wait for the new recap so it doesn’t get lost. Ohh pizza is here. My cat is hiding and standing on her back legs like a meerkat to see over the ottoman. She is so funny! I’ll write more later/tomorrow 🙂


I think your cat and my rabbit might be friends Eliza! Zirconia acts like a cat, and when my neighbour who has 6 cats babysits her they all hang out inside together!
Daisy, totally agree with you about that Stephie chick!

brain dead dave

Our cat killed my baby rabbit when I was a boy. Just sayin’. Thanks for the memories.


Oh, your rabbit sounds really cute, Iz but no, unfortunately I do not think my cat would be friends with little Zirconia 🙁 My very old cat is lovely, she lets the doves drink water from her water bowl 1 metre away and leaves them alone however my younger cat (pictured) is evil. She is a strange fear driven thing. She would probably kill the rabbit out of fear. I’m not sure.. she is always keeping a look out for next door’s cat who she hates. Never want to find out what she’d do! She bit me so hard one day out of fear.. it was SO deep. On the bright side, I can train her like a dog. We just keep her away from anything she can kill!! She has supervised outside time only. We got her at 10 weeks old but we always wonder what happened to her before that because we have been good to her. I think some cats are just natural jerks.. She is only nice between the hours of 12am and 8am.

How cute is this.. my dog was lovely. Once we had a turtle turn up in our yard. He just just trying to play with it. He would have loved it as a friend. He was too friendly haha! I wish I could just have my dog back over and over again. Same with my old 18 year old cat.. she is just gentle and not a jerk!

Sorry to hear that, BDD 🙁


Thanks for your pet stories Eliza!
When I said Zirconia was like a cat, I meant an 18 year old cat! She never leaves the mat when she’s inside, and lounges about for hours. In the night time she sits on my lap and I pat her while I watch tv.
We got her from an acquaintance that had her in a small hutch for nearly 2 years, she’d never roamed free!
Now I have her outside to roam free in the front yard all day, then hang out with me by the TV in the evenings then off to her hutch for sleeping. She’s a bit spoilt.


Rabbits are cute but I think they would hop away from our place.


Did you think Mikayla and Luke were quite sweet? Are all the ‘old couples’ going to be on heat?


Yes that were… haha Blacktown boys. No thanks..

Seems to be a recurring theme for the “old couples”..


If I get time today, and still have it on rec, I can throw a couple of photos up, Juz.


Feel better soon, Juz!!!

I will never get the MKR fuss.. I do not judge those who like it, but I hate it. I want to kill MKR. Can you kill a show? hahaha


Cute little Mikayla is nervous but willing to try new things. And she is happy to try butcher Luke.

brain dead dave

A real blonde on a reality tv show. That’s out there.


Butcher Luke. Butchers are often have a ood gift of the gab, anc Luke is no exception. He was a good boy.


He definitely seemed like a butcher. For some reason he looks like he works at Woolies..


Painfully poomvey and pouty professional flirt Lani knows how to turn a man on. And off too I should imagine.


I really wasn’t a fan of hers Daisy!


She was horrendous! No self respecting man would really fall for her BS, would they?!

She was the younger female version of the horrendous guy from the first episode who evaded answering all questions about himself, too.


It was such an act wasn’t it Eliza. Surely her bs would wear thin after about 3 seconds!


It wasn’t turning Woolif on. But maybe if he was getting his crotch rubbed with beige stilettos. Instead of my joggers.




Don’t worry. I won’t post the photo. ????


Amazingly she and Layton discovered that they shared a common goal. To live a life of no regrets. Dumbstruck.

brain dead dave

Being called Layton would have to be one of the biggest regrets a person could have.




Lani asks Layton if she intimidates him. Translate, “Are you intimidated by beautiful women”.

Woolif really dislikes Lani.

brain dead dave

Time for Layton to get on the front foot: ” After a few beers , Lani, I’ll loosen up. Are you intimidated by drunk guys?”


Paul from Birmingham understands the ladies. He is a boob man.


And he doesn’t mind if they are store bought. Enter Sharon who loves bald men and wants to remarry.


Sharon test drives Paul’s dome with a Benny Hill pat, pat.


Stephie is back. She thinks her last blind date rejected her because she didn’t wear enough make up. Never mind her foot in mouth disease and the charm of Ma Kettle.


Maybe less is more Stephanie.


Pan to Stephie’s lost love, whose name we have both already forgotten.

brain dead dave

He’s the gym junkie who was assaulted by a female sex toy.


Stephie’s new date Stewart claims not to be picky. He and Steph hit it off on the laughs. Stephie has a good Sydney rock lobster joke.
Stewart loves the gags.


That joke was awkies..


Confident Kate doesn’t care about looks. She wants a funny guy.


Nervous trivia host, Griff doesn’t disappoint with the jokes and laughter. Are we heading toward a platonic relationship?


Griff is hoping he doesn’t get the verbal runs.


Owooo, werewolves of London. I want to see if his hands were hairy too.


With all the fun that the werewolf and “Confident Kate who doesn’t care about looks” had, I would’ve thought they might’ve at least gone on another date. She wanted a funny dude and thought he was funny…. but she didn’t find him hot. Shame.


They all say that they “don’t care about looks” then blame it on there being “no spark” aka they didn’t find the other person attractive enough to go on another date to really find out if there was no spark.


This guy didn’t make me laugh as much as Nick Nick. This was one of the more entertaining “dates” this episode!


Back to Shazza. She’s a Shazza now, as she has spilt her drink and is talking about her breasts.


Which gets Paul salivating. Yeah, “This is going to be first date sex” , thinks Paul.
Lucky he has viagra in his pocket.

If he looks a bit blurry, it’s the wine.


Everyone is putting their cards on the table.


At the end; Paul and Sharon go back to her place to see more of each other.
“That was easy”, said Paul.
Kate and Griff are going to stay friends. “Damn”, thinks Griff who is tired of the “I like you as a friend” spiel.
Cute couple Mikayla and Butcher Luke were the evening’s sweethearts.


Stephanie, likes to pretend to go for the purse when the bill comes. She seems awkward about letting the man pay, yet enjoys it.

But didn’t find all consuming passionate love. And poor Stewart said he wasn’t feeling it either. Stephie has a little cry and ruins her make up.


And Lani and Layton think, “Why the hell not”. She has been doing all she can to play the femme fatale.

This is my revenge.


Layton wasn’t that keen but Lani wanted to see his package so they went home to do that.




Until next week. Bottoms up.


“OI, Fella. Wanna buy a used car?”


I thought baldy and boobs would’ve got married and lived happily ever after! Or NOT!


And for the finale. Purrrrr.


So seductive..